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VALENCIA Dancing with a Ghost CD Review

Dancing with a Ghost CD
(I Surrender Records)

If pop-punk and fresh melodic rock with a tinge of edginess sounds good to you, look no further than Philly-based Valencia! Having been personally called at 3am back in 2003 and signed by I Surrender Records founder, Rob Hitt (Midtown), Valencia is back home with their junior album. Their debut album, This Could Be a Possibility, put them on the map as a standout in the pop-punk/emo genre, which in turn got them picked up by Columbia Records for their second album, We All Need a Reason to Believe. The guys are back with their third album, Dancing with a Ghost. Ten stellar new tunes, full of the hooks, catchiness, and pep that we’ve grown to love about Valencia but with the added maturity that comes with years in the industry. There is no doubt that this band continues to grow with each and every album they produce…everything to love…nothing to hate! If you loved the music Valencia has made previously, there’s NO WAY you can miss out on Dancing with a Ghost! A superb third effort by Valencia!