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CD Review: The All-American Rejects – Kids in the Street

The All-American Rejects
Kids in the Street
Interscope Records

Ahhhhh, one of my absolute favorite bands have come through again! THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS are back with their fourth album, Kids in the Street. Fans of AAR will be excited to know that the boys are back in true AAR form! Masterful power-pop at its finest! It had to be a daunting task for the band to try to keep up with the pure hit-power of their previous 3 albums! Producing hits like “Swing, Swing”, “Move Along”, “Dirty Little Secret”, and “Gives You Hell”, AAR are the masters of producing relentless hook that won’t let go! Tell me you haven’t been singing every one of those damn songs for days after you heard them? Mmm hmmm…like I said, these boys can write a pop song! With this fourth installment, lead vocalist/bassist Tyson Ritter, guitarist/vocalist Mike Kennerty, lead guitarist/vocalist Nick Wheeler, and drummer Chris Gaylor have delivered again! Read the rest of this entry