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Asking Alexandria Interview

We caught up with Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria at their Orlando stop of the Still Reckless Tour last month. Check out what he had to say! Read the rest of this entry

Anberlin & Foxy Shazam

Anberlin is currently on the road playing some southeast US shows along with Foxy Shazam and States. States opened up last nights show in Orlando with a rather bland and forgettable set. The crowd did not seem to get into them; they were all waiting anxiously for Foxy Shazam to take the stage. If you have never seen Foxy Shazam live, you have no purpose for living! Without a doubt, hands down the most entertaining band you will ever see live! There are absolutely no words you can use to describe them; they do EVERYTHING on stage, from standing on top of keyboards to eating a whole pack of lit cigarettes while doing a handstand! Aside from their stage antics, they actually play some very good music. While the content and lyrics are interesting, the music they pair them with makes it a total package! See them live, end of story! Read the rest of this entry

AP Tour 2011 with Title Fight

Hot off releasing this year’s most critically acclaimed punk record, Title Fight have been on the road with this year’s AP Tour. The band seemed to have the most fans out of the rest at a recent stop in Orlando FL. Hitting the stage rather quietly; Title Fight unleashed their punk rock fury on the crowd, playing song after song without the extra bullshit in between. With Jamie and Ned switching off vocal duty, it gave their set a very interesting dynamic. The band members were an odd mix of both subdued and off the wall spastic. It was quite a site to see. Having never seen TF live before, I was certainly blown away! Be sure to pick up their latest album SHED, and check these guys out live! Read the rest of this entry

Young The Giant

Young the Giant took a day off their current tour with Incubus to play a sold out headline show at the Beacham in Orlando. Along with The Postelles who opened the show, Young The Giant came out with a bang, giving the fans what they had been waiting all night for! Starting off with “Apartment”, YTG kicked off their in your face show with a range of musical talent most bands can only dream about. They played 11 songs covering their whole self-titled album, including fan favorites Guns Out, 12 Fingers, and Islands.  Read the rest of this entry