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ATOM SMASH Interview

Atom Smash
Interview with Singer Sergio Sanchez

Jen:  Introduce us to the members and tell us something funny about each one.
Sergio:  My name is Sergio, I’m the singer, they call me Serge.  Let’s see, I am known to be extremely forgetful.  I am really horrible at GPS. I’m pretty much a spacey guy, in general.  My brain is always writing music and always working, and never really wants to stop…so yeah, that’s pretty much something funny about me. Arnoldis our bassist, he is very easy going.  Something really funny about him…he was skateboarding down a hill while sort of intox…well not sort of, extremely intoxicated and he was skateboarding down a hill with a bowl of macaroni and cheese in his hand.  He shattered and destroyed his knee really bad…so that’s funny and sorta weird.  Our guitarist Z, he is fromAustria, something really funny about him is that he loves bread.  He loves bread!  Panera is the only thing in America that he likes, food-wise.  He hates food in America, he likes just good old German food every day.  Read the rest of this entry