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Asking Alexandria Interview

We caught up with Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria at their Orlando stop of the Still Reckless Tour last month. Check out what he had to say! Read the rest of this entry

Exclusive Interview – Yellowcard

Rock-wire sat down with Sean Mackin of Yellowcard on their recent co headline tour with Good Charlotte to discuss everything from video games to touring habbits. Check it out below!

Rock-wire: You were just on tour with All Time Low…you guys completely stole the show! What is your goal with your live show? Why are live performances so important to you? 

Sean Mackin: I don’t know if we stole the show, but it was a pleasure touring with all time low. The goal for a Yellowcard show is to have fun. Everyone in attendance needs to leave with a smile on their face. Everything we do revs up to the yellowcard show. We understand people do A lot to get to our shows, and travel great distances, so it is important we put all our effort into the best yc show every time.  Read the rest of this entry