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AMERICAN HI-FI Fight the Frequency CD Review


Fight the Frequency
(Hi-Fi Killers / The Ascot Club)

American Hi-Fi is back with their 4th release, Fight the Frequency…and their 1st release on their own label, Hi-Fi Killers/The Ascot Club.  Coming off their successful junior album, Hearts on Parade, which featured the theme song of the hit TV show, Beauty and the Geek, entitled “The Geek Gets the Girl,” American Hi-Fi gives us a bit of a swerve with Fight the Frequency. The guys have shed some of the catchy pop-punk and rock roots that have made them famous, in lieu of a more mature, more serious, more eclectic collection of tunes. Vocalist/guitarist Stacy Jones, bassist Drew Parsons, guitarist Jamie Arentzen and drummer Brian Nolan have created 12 tunes ranging from the beautiful, heartfelt ballad “Where Love is a Lie” to the pop-infused “Acetate” to the rock, guitar-laden “Fight the Frequency” to the heavy, metal-esque “Frat Clump.” Read the rest of this entry