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CD Review: Family Force 5 – III

Family Force 5
Tooth and Nail Records

Atlanta, Georgia-based Family Force 5 never fails to entertain! Back with their third (not including the Christmas album) album, the boys have absolutely brought it with III! As usual, FF5 brings everything in their arsenal to their music…electronica/dance, heavy guitars, distorted vocals morphing into harmonious vocals, straight up rap vocals, funky grooves, reggae flavor…uhh, did I miss anything? Yeah, probably! Let’s just say III is a straight up par-tayyyyy! It’s a known fact that these boys always bring the party to wherever they are! III is simply a studio recorded version of the party they bring to their live show! Did you see them at Warped? Off the hook!!!!  So let’s see what we’ve got on III…here are my faves! Read the rest of this entry