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ROONEY Eureka CD Review


(California Dreamin’ Records)

Eureka is ROONEY’s first album on their own label, California Dreamin’ Records, under Warner Music Group. After 2 hugely successful albums, ROONEY returns with a DIY third album! Fear not, it’s the same ROONEY we’ve come to know and love, but a little bit more unabashed! Still clinging to their roots of melodic rock with major pop influence, smooth vocals, feel-good lyrics and swelling harmonies, ROONEY continues on their string of kick-ass albums! Now I’ll admit, I was a huge fan of Calling the World, and was a little skeptical of what could follow! Eureka has the chops, albeit a different vibe! The band has matured, is out from underneath the pressure of a major label, and is doing their thing…and doing it well! So ROONEY fans should really dig Eureka! Album is available now!