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This MIGHT just be my favorite new band! Foxy Shazam has been around since 2004, but this is my first introduction to them, and holy shit, what an introduction! I may be in love, but I’m not sure…um, uh, he’s hot and all, but he can’t have substance, CAN HE? Oh yes he can, my dear! Foxy Shazam is sexy, smart, deep, and one helluva conversationalist! This Cincinnati, Ohio-based sextet is comprised of Eric Sean Nally (vocals), Loren Daniel Turner (guitars), Daisy (bass), and Alex Nauth (horns), and Aaron McVeigh (drums). This band is one who provides one of those rare convergences of inspiration, nostalgia, and hope for the future in their music. Don’t look at those words like you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about! It’s happened to you before too! Here’s what I mean…I hear their music, and I’m inspired to call everyone I know and write a review to tell the world how freakin’ awesome this band is! Then simultaneously, I feel this sense of nostalgia that takes me back to memories happy days and of seeing my favorite bands live…those bands that I dearly love (and some are now defunct) and it makes me happy and sad all at the same time! Then also simultaneously, I hear them and I feel this hope that the future of music is alive, well, and in good hands…and that a label finally got it ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!  So…I’m back to being in love… Foxy Shazam’s music is a unique conglomeration of up-tempo tunes…almost dance at times, but always pop-punk/rock with a tinge of ska. Read the rest of this entry