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These guys are the shit! Once again, Drowning Pool follows up and incredible album with…well, an incredible album!  These boys continue to rock their balls off with relentless abandon! In true Drowning Pool style, this self-titled album and DVD is pure balls-out rock with everything you love about Drowning Pool…raging guitars, seething vocals, and punishing drums and bass work. Heavy, up-tempo tunes like “Children of the Gun” and “All About Me” are stellar, as expected from these rockers. But Drowning Pool can certainly deliver a heavy rock ballad too…check out “Turn So Cold” and “More Than Worthless.”  This album delivers the gut punch of a great rock album! Be sure to grab the Limited Edition CD/DVD Package if you can! The DVD is pretty sweet too…it includes a “Beside the Music” feature, the “Feel Like I Do” music video and the Making of the “Feel Like I Do” video. A great new album from veteran rockers, Drowning Pool! Horns up, kids!!!