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Asking Alexandria Interview

We caught up with Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria at their Orlando stop of the Still Reckless Tour last month. Check out what he had to say! Read the rest of this entry

Tom Tom Club: Interview with Chris Frantz

TOM TOM CLUB – Interview with Chris Frantz

There’s truly nothing better in this job than getting to meet a musician whose music you grew up listening to and loving, and who turns out to be wayyyyyy cooler than you ever imagined! Chris Frantz made my September by taking time out to do an interview with me for ROCK-WIRE.COM! You might remember Chris and his lovely wife, Tina Weymouth, from a little band called the Talking Heads. Heard of that band? Yeah, I thought you might have! Chris (drums) and Tina (bass) were 2/3 of the founding members of Talking Heads, along with David Byrne (guitar/vocals). Chris and Tina were also the founding members of another successful band from the ‘80s called Tom Tom Club. This little band has produced one of the most sampled songs around today called “Genius of Love.” Be sure to check out the sampled song listing at Tom Tom Club’s website ( ). Chances are…you’ve heard “Genius of Love!” In any case, Tom Tom Club was quite successful in its own right…producing quite a few popular tunes over the years. The longevity of the band is evident, as a tour stop with Psychedelic Furs in my town this year allowed this interview to happen! Chris was nice enough to take time after a long sound check, while eating dinner with guitarist Pablo, to chat with me about Tom Tom Club and what the band has been up to…and will be up to in coming months! Take some time to get to know Chris FrantzRead the rest of this entry

Warped Memories 2011!

It’s November, it’s getting cold, and everyone is stuck in school wishing it was summer all over again. We here at Rock-Wire want to give you a mini mental vacation back to the summer, to relive everyone’s favorite music festival, Warped Tour! This year’s Warped Tour was action packed! With incredible performances from the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Simple Plan, Yelawolf, Every Avenue, Set Your Goals, and hundreds more, this past summer was one you wont soon forget. Check out exclusive interviews with Grieves, Avion Roe, MC Lars, and The Venetia Fair about how their 2011 Warped experience was. Also check out our massive photo gallery with shots from all of your favorite Warped bands! Read the rest of this entry

Exclusive Interview – Yellowcard

Rock-wire sat down with Sean Mackin of Yellowcard on their recent co headline tour with Good Charlotte to discuss everything from video games to touring habbits. Check it out below!

Rock-wire: You were just on tour with All Time Low…you guys completely stole the show! What is your goal with your live show? Why are live performances so important to you? 

Sean Mackin: I don’t know if we stole the show, but it was a pleasure touring with all time low. The goal for a Yellowcard show is to have fun. Everyone in attendance needs to leave with a smile on their face. Everything we do revs up to the yellowcard show. We understand people do A lot to get to our shows, and travel great distances, so it is important we put all our effort into the best yc show every time.  Read the rest of this entry

SKILLET: Interview with Front Man John Cooper

Ready for Some Sizzling Rock?

 With the enormous success of Skillet’s 2006 release, Comatose, John Cooper (lead vocals/bassist), Korey Cooper (keys/guitar/backing vocals), Ben Kasica (guitars), and Jen Ledger (drums/backing vocals) have found their voice in this industry, and have stayed with the brand of rock music that made them a success!  Swerving away from their original roots as a Christian rock band, Skillet has flourished as a mainstream active rock band!  Having toured for about a year now in support of their current release, Awake, Skillet has continued grow their fan base while firmly planting their music in the psyches of fans across the U.S. Take the lead single, “Monster”, for example. That song has found its way into the heads and ipods of pre-teen jocks, while also appealing to young grandmothers and everyone in between! What does it take to appeal to this wide range of fans? And what approach does the band take when creating their music? Well, we’re about to find out the answer to these questions from Skillet front man John Cooper. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with STORY OF THE YEAR

Story of the Year
Interview with Guitarist Ryan Phillips

Story of the Year’s guitarist, Ryan Phillips, took some time out to talk to us about the band’s new album,  The Constant. Check out what Ryan has to say about SOTY!!!

Jen:  Can you give us a little bit of background on Story of the Year and how you guys got to where you are today?
Ryan:  Long story short, me, Dan our singer, Josh our drummer, we all went to middle school together, high school together, we used to skateboard together, super good friends way before the band started.  In high school, we started jamming together and shortly after that we connected with the other two, with Adam and Phil, and in 2002 we moved to California for a year and just kind of worked our asses off!  Everything about the band is just go, go, go, go and we wound up editing an internet little mini-documentary and Maverick Records wound up getting it and we kinda went from there…  We’ve been touring with new records non-stop since 2002. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with Howard Jones

Things Can Only Get Better…and They Have! 

Anyone who lived in the 80s, knows Howard Jones’ music. You may not realize it…but you do! Remember “No One is To Blame” or “Things Can Only Get Better” or “Life In One Day”? Well, that’s Howard Jones! I guarantee you that if you check out the Howard Jones section at your local CD store, you’ll recognize his tunes. A wonderfully poignant songwriter, HoJo has never been given the credit that he deserves in the industry. Perhaps he was bigger than the era or perhaps he was ahead of his time, but his music will live on as an important part of the 80s.  Howard Jones is an artist in the truest sense of the word…a sensitive, emotive, soft-spoken man who is appreciative of his fans and of his success so far.  HoJo’s new album, Ordinary Heroes, is his most heartfelt, emotional album to date. Full of life experiences, heart-wrenching situations, and positivity in the face of adversity, Ordinary Heroes is an album that should not be missed! On the heels of the release of Ordinary Heroes, I had the opportunity to talk with Howard about his new album. Meet Howard Jones! Read the rest of this entry

ATOM SMASH Interview

Atom Smash
Interview with Singer Sergio Sanchez

Jen:  Introduce us to the members and tell us something funny about each one.
Sergio:  My name is Sergio, I’m the singer, they call me Serge.  Let’s see, I am known to be extremely forgetful.  I am really horrible at GPS. I’m pretty much a spacey guy, in general.  My brain is always writing music and always working, and never really wants to stop…so yeah, that’s pretty much something funny about me. Arnoldis our bassist, he is very easy going.  Something really funny about him…he was skateboarding down a hill while sort of intox…well not sort of, extremely intoxicated and he was skateboarding down a hill with a bowl of macaroni and cheese in his hand.  He shattered and destroyed his knee really bad…so that’s funny and sorta weird.  Our guitarist Z, he is fromAustria, something really funny about him is that he loves bread.  He loves bread!  Panera is the only thing in America that he likes, food-wise.  He hates food in America, he likes just good old German food every day.  Read the rest of this entry

APOCALYPTICA: Interview with Cellist Pettru Kivilaasko

Interview With Cellist Pettru Kivilaasko 

For Finnish symphonic rockers, Apocalyptica, music is about feelings and the art of translating those feelings into an experience for the listener and band to share together. As one of the most unique metal bands in the world today, Apocalyptica is still producing their own brand of heavy metal music and breaking new ground and blurring the lines all along the way. I mean seriously, who would’ve suspected that a band made of 3 classically trained cellists and a drummer would be around creating some of the most intensely moving and expressive heavy metal music after 17 years and 6 albums? And who would’ve thought that not only would they come so far from their original form of playing only beloved Pantera and Metallica covers to becoming one of the most sought-after collaborative bands for many vocalists in the industry? Well, cellists Eicca Toppinen, Pettru Kivilaasko, Paavo Lötjönen, and drummer Mikko Sirén are all of these things and much, much more! With the success of their previous album, Worlds Collide, and the internationally commercial success of the single “I Don’t Care” (a collaborative effort with Three Days Grace’s Adam Gontier), Apocalyptica continues to carve out their own niche in a generally homogenous music genre!  Now with the release of their 7th studio album, aptly titled 7th Symphony, Apocalyptica is back with their most daring record to date!  As the U.S. release date approaches, Pettru Kivilaasko took time from his Thai holiday to chat about Apocalyptica’s new album, the band and the guest artists we have to look forward to on the new album!  Read the rest of this entry

2010 Fearless Friends – Interviews with Artist vs. Poet, Every Avenue, & Mayday Parade


 The 2010 Fearless Friends Tour featured 5 of the most talented, young bands on the Fearless Records Roster…Artist vs. Poet, Go Radio, Every Avenue, Breathe Carolina and Mayday Parade.

 Check out these interviews with 3 of the 5 bands on the 2010 Fearless Friends Tour. Take some time to see how each band responds to the same set of questions, and what each band says about the others!


Introduce yourself, please.
My name is Jason Dean and I play bass guitar for Artist Vs Poet.

Tell me a brief history of your band.
Artist Vs Poet has been a band since 2008.

Introduce us to the members and tell us something about each one, including yourself.
Tarcy Thomason is the lead singer and one of the founding members of Artist Vs Poet. Read the rest of this entry