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Chris Cornell sang as if he were bearing the weight of the world.
Whether he was fronting the ferocious hard rock of Soundgarden or backed simply by an acoustic guitar, his voice — now silenced in a suicide — was spectacular by any reckoning. It was a voice that could sail above the grunge barrage of Soundgarden, with an attack to rival the band’s churning guitars; it was also a voice that gave modest acoustic ballads an existential gravity. At the bottom of its nearly four-octave range, Mr. Cornell’s voice was a baritone with endless reserves of breath and the seething tension of contained power. He couldn’t be more convincing than when he sang one of his definitive songs, “Rusty Cage,” with Soundgarden: “I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run,” he howled. See the rest of the article:

New Coming Soon!

We’ve been off the grid for a while, but we’re coming back! Keep checking back to see what’s going on! Thanks for your patience! In the meantime….

Check out some music from bands I’ve been digging on!

Coll Soul_See Cover

See What You Started by Continuing – Collective Soul

One of my favorite CS albums of all time! 2015 release with the awesomeness we’ve come to expect from veteran Atlanta-based Collective Soul. New music due out in 2017! Anxiously waiting!

BFS_Live Freakin English Church Cover

Live in a Freakin’ English Church – Bowling for Soup

Bowling for Soup members, Jaret Reddick and Erik Chandler perform an incredible acoustic set in…you guessed it…a freakin’ English Church. Incredible set list and the typical shenanigans we’ve come to love and expect from BFS. New album, Drunk Dynasty, dropped in the fall of 2016. Look for a review soon!


Above It All – Farewell, My Love

This band is unsigned. It’s a damn travesty! My favorite new band BY FAR! Rich rock music with theatrical influences. These guys helped me get through my My Chemical Romance withdrawals…and that’s tough to do! Full review upcoming, but in the meantime, check them out and show them some love! These guys deserve to land on a good label!

More soon… later, guys! XO, Jen


The Neighbourhood Continue World Tour!




Los Angeles outfit The Neighbourhood announce June & July tour dates following their debut appearance at Central Park’s Summerstage on May 20th, 2014. Supports acts for The El Tour Blanco will be Danny Brown, Travis Scott, 100s & White Arrows. The band will embark on their summer tour beginning on June 21 in Vancouver and running through July.

Tickets on sale HERE

During the band’s worldwide tour, they unveiled new single “Honest,” part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (out April 22). You can listen to the track HERE and watch the accompanying Lyric video . The film’s epic score was composed by Oscar®- and Grammy-winning composer Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six.

The Neighbourhood’s new project “#000000 & #FFFFFF” will be out later this year. Vocalist Jesse Rutherford says about the album, “”#000000 & #FFFFFF is a diary of songs that are inspired by our thoughts while on the road. It exposes our anxiety, rejoices in our achievement and expresses our ability to create whatever the fuck we want. It’s our freedom to explore popular music as we know it. It’s not us as a band… it’s us as a sound.”
Three tracks are available now, listen at Live Mixtapes.

Catch The Neighbourhood on tour.

Cosmic Suckerpunch News, Shows & Free Tune!!!

Cosmic SP Band

L.A. based Cosmic Suckerpunch lives up to it’s name with standout spacey rock hooks is rooted in funk and colored in starry style. Honing their live performances around LA, it wasn’t long before the band was performing in legendary L.A. venues The Viper Room and the House of Blues and big name festivals Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and SXSW. They are now confirmed for this year’s Life if Beautiful Festival!

Their latest EP Breathe succeeds in it’s infinite ability to continuously stun and surprise you.

Don’t miss: “Glad You’re Here Now” – AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!


 The Los Angeles Alt-Rock Powerhouse Releases New EP


Featuring the FREE Track: “Glad You’re Here Now”

 For the past few years, the independent Los Angeles rock band Cosmic Suckerpunch has set the Hollywood concert circuit ablaze with their spine tingling guitar licks, satirical lyrics and jaw dropping performances. Now fresh off a successful Spring Tour, which included four shows at SXSW 2013, they have just been added to the inaugural Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas with headliners The Killers, Kings of Leon and Beck.

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CD Review: John 5 – God Told Me To

 God Told Me To CD
 Sony/Red and Rocket Science Ventures

JOHN 5 is absolutely one of the best and most underrated guitarists in the world today! I’ve been a huge fan of John’s since his MARILYN MANSON days. Now with ROB ZOMBIE, JOHN 5 is an incredible musician and a master of arrangement! God Told Me To is filled with just about every style of guitar playing you can name…from straight up shredding to acoustic steel string with a country/blues flair to finger style to Flamenco. If you can’t find something to love on this album, you ain’t a music fan!!! It’s my opinion that JOHN 5 should be a household name…and it’s a travesty that he isn’t! John is technically and musically, truly one of the best guitarists in the industry today. God Told Me To is John’s sixth solo record. Simply…it’s absolutely incredible! Favorite tunes include “Killafornia”, “The Castle”, “Creepy Crawler” and “The Lie You Live”(even though these names imply something dark, these songs are absolutely beautiful!), and a kick-ass all-electric version of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It!”  Truthfully, they’re all awesome! Read the rest of this entry

CD Review: The All-American Rejects – Kids in the Street

The All-American Rejects
Kids in the Street
Interscope Records

Ahhhhh, one of my absolute favorite bands have come through again! THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS are back with their fourth album, Kids in the Street. Fans of AAR will be excited to know that the boys are back in true AAR form! Masterful power-pop at its finest! It had to be a daunting task for the band to try to keep up with the pure hit-power of their previous 3 albums! Producing hits like “Swing, Swing”, “Move Along”, “Dirty Little Secret”, and “Gives You Hell”, AAR are the masters of producing relentless hook that won’t let go! Tell me you haven’t been singing every one of those damn songs for days after you heard them? Mmm hmmm…like I said, these boys can write a pop song! With this fourth installment, lead vocalist/bassist Tyson Ritter, guitarist/vocalist Mike Kennerty, lead guitarist/vocalist Nick Wheeler, and drummer Chris Gaylor have delivered again! Read the rest of this entry

CD Review: The Hit Men: The Hit Men Live!

The Hit Men
The Hit Men Live!

 Fans of old school bands like The Four Seasons, Tommy James & the Shondells, The Critters, Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, and Jim Croce, listen up!  Let me tell you about this cool new Super Group formed by members of each of these bands! Introducing…The Hit Men! The Hit Men are Lee Shapiro, Don Ciccone, Larry Gates, Gerry Polci, Jimmy Ryan and Russ Velazquez. Each of these gentlemen previously performed in the above mentioned bands. They have formed this Super Group and are now approaching the release date of their debut album, The Hit Men Live! The Hit Men Live! features 11 tracks of well-known tunes from The Four Seasons, Tommy James and the Shondells, The Critters, Cat Stevens, and Jim Croce! Read the rest of this entry

CD Review: Family Force 5 – III

Family Force 5
Tooth and Nail Records

Atlanta, Georgia-based Family Force 5 never fails to entertain! Back with their third (not including the Christmas album) album, the boys have absolutely brought it with III! As usual, FF5 brings everything in their arsenal to their music…electronica/dance, heavy guitars, distorted vocals morphing into harmonious vocals, straight up rap vocals, funky grooves, reggae flavor…uhh, did I miss anything? Yeah, probably! Let’s just say III is a straight up par-tayyyyy! It’s a known fact that these boys always bring the party to wherever they are! III is simply a studio recorded version of the party they bring to their live show! Did you see them at Warped? Off the hook!!!!  So let’s see what we’ve got on III…here are my faves! Read the rest of this entry

Tom Tom Club: Interview with Chris Frantz

TOM TOM CLUB – Interview with Chris Frantz

There’s truly nothing better in this job than getting to meet a musician whose music you grew up listening to and loving, and who turns out to be wayyyyyy cooler than you ever imagined! Chris Frantz made my September by taking time out to do an interview with me for ROCK-WIRE.COM! You might remember Chris and his lovely wife, Tina Weymouth, from a little band called the Talking Heads. Heard of that band? Yeah, I thought you might have! Chris (drums) and Tina (bass) were 2/3 of the founding members of Talking Heads, along with David Byrne (guitar/vocals). Chris and Tina were also the founding members of another successful band from the ‘80s called Tom Tom Club. This little band has produced one of the most sampled songs around today called “Genius of Love.” Be sure to check out the sampled song listing at Tom Tom Club’s website ( ). Chances are…you’ve heard “Genius of Love!” In any case, Tom Tom Club was quite successful in its own right…producing quite a few popular tunes over the years. The longevity of the band is evident, as a tour stop with Psychedelic Furs in my town this year allowed this interview to happen! Chris was nice enough to take time after a long sound check, while eating dinner with guitarist Pablo, to chat with me about Tom Tom Club and what the band has been up to…and will be up to in coming months! Take some time to get to know Chris FrantzRead the rest of this entry

Sevendust / Adelita’s Way / EyeEmpire / Seven Day Sonnet Show Review

Amos’ South End  Charlotte, NC
July 29, 2011

Sevendust has been back on the road on a headlining tour in support of their latest album, Cold Day Memory. Once again, the Atlanta, GA-based hard rockers do not disappoint!  With a strong supporting cast, Sevendust brought it for the last night of this particular tour! Incidentally, if you haven’t yet gotten yourself a copy of Cold Day Memory, what the hell are you waiting for? In my own humble opinion, I think this is one of the band’s best works so far!  So, how about we get on with the show review, huh? Read the rest of this entry