ROCK-WIRE.COM was created for you, the avid music fan. We are music fans too and want to give you a site to love and call your own! We want to bring your favorite artists to you with interviews! We want you to know about great new music, shows you can’t miss (and we’ll show you  why you can’t miss those shows) and we want to let you get to know new bands who deserve your attention! Being on a major label is great, and you’ll get plenty of those bands, but doing it yourself or on a small indie label…now THAT’S where it’s at! That’s why we’re all here, kiddies…for the love of music! Get ready to get your your rock on here on ROCK-WIRE.COM!
The people who will become your best friends and will love you unconditionally on this site are below:
Jen Canipe – Editor / Senior Writer
Ben Packard – Photographer / Writer
Collectively, we’ve been doing this for 10+ years, and still love it! It is our goal to bring you all you want to see & hear in the music world…and maybe even some things you don’t!
We wanna hear from you! We wanna help you promote your band…we wanna tell you about bands who deserve your attention…and we wanna know what you want to see & hear! Let us know!
Contact us below:
Send press kits to:
Jen Canipe
P.O. Box 126
Harrisburg, NC 28075
or contact Ben for info.
  1. I’ve been reading Jen’s stuff for years and she never fails to entertain! Apparently we have the same taste in music, so she keeps me hooked up with new shit all the time. Looking forward to the new site!

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