Jager Music Tour feat. Halestorm & In This Moment

IMG_6304The latest edition of the Jager Music Tour featured female fronted hard rockers Halestorm and In This Moment. The last stop of the tour landed in Orlando Florida at the Hard Rock. Playing to a nearly sold out crowd, the rowdy fans were ready for a night of head banging. After a forgettable opening act, In This Moment took to the stage with high hopes from the crowd. Unfortunately, their set was more performance art than concert, with many awkward silences and pauses while Maria changed costumes or crew members brought out odd props. Wearing a popstar style headset mic, Maria’s typical badass screams were almost boring as she had none of her regular energy onstage. Halestorm closed out the night, and they did it with a bang. Their in your face, no nonsense rock style had the crowd going insane before they even walked onstage. The band, fronted by Lzzy Hale on guitar, played almost 20 songs, including covers of Guns N Roses, Skid Row, and Fleetwood Mac. While this was the last stop of the tour, Lzzy made it quite clear that they would be back soon, much to the fans delight.

Check out our exclusive photo gallery from this concert by CLICKING HERE!!!!

Ben Packard

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