Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2012

The 2012 version of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival brought out the crowds, both young and old; with bands for every age to head bang to. The festival atmosphere kicked off the day with the Sumerian Stage filled with younger bands, as well as the Jager stage with a killer lineup of Upon A Burning Body, White Chapel, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, and Anthrax. The Metal Mulisha crew was also on hand to throw down some sick aerial stunts for the hyped up crowd. While most of the Sumerian and Jager bands were nothing special, as a massive storm blew in, Asking Alexandria triumphantly took to the stage basked by lightening and gusts of wind that ripped down their backdrop and sent a 40 foot inflatable Rockstar can flying. The band took this storm as even more reason to put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. Anthrax stood out as one of the most energetic bands of the day, something I did not expect to see from the veteran rockers. As the main stage opened up, fans filed in for the rest of their action packed day. As I Lay Dying kicked off the 2nd half with a rather forgettable set. Motorhead was up next, and the wear and tear of their legendary career seemed to show. While they still can rock like the rest of them, they seemed to be a little bit sloppy and just plain tired. Closing out the night were the legends themselves, Slayer. With a massive stage set, including 2 cross shaped amp walls that spit more fire than a KISS show, Slayer played nonstop hits for over an hour, leaving the fans screaming for them long after they left the stage. Mayhem Festival did a great job of bringing the new and the old to America this year, lets hope they keep up this mentality for 2013!

Check out our exclusive photo gallery from the 2012 Mayhem Festival by CLICKING HERE!!!

Ben Packard

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