The Used and Dead Sara at House Of Blues Orlando

Dead Sara opened up the show for headlining band, The Used, in Orlando on May 27th as apart of The Used headlining tour promoting their newest release, Vulnerable. I have never head of Dead Sara before, and when sound checking, the four piece band made up of two female guitarists, Emily Armstrong, who is also the vocalist, Siouxsie Medley, Sean Friday on drums and Chris Null playing bass.  It was a different combination for the music scene today, but let me tell you, it worked, and it worked well.  If I had to describe Dead Sara’s sound, it was a mix between old Paramore with a southern twist to it. On their first song, “Test On My Patience”, lights were low, sound was soft, and the crowd didn’t really expect much of anything, they were just excited for The Used to play right after them, but the beat got faster, the intensity was building, and when the lights went in full effect as Emily’s vocal range soared above anyone’s expectations, I knew this band has something different about them. They put on one hell of a show, and I fully encourage anyone to check this band out.  Even though they only played a thirty-minute set, it was a very impressive thirty minutes. The funny thing is, like I said, I had never heard of this band before, but when driving home that night, wouldn’t you guess that Dead Sara came on a local Orlando station, and their hit song, “Weatherman” played through the speakers. Dead Sara over all surprised a lot of people, and The Used picked a great group of musicians to open up their show. Be sure to check out Dead Sara on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.

The Used played The House of Blues in Orlando, Florida as apart of their headlining tour to promote their newly released album, “Vulnerable”. I cannot describe in words the amount of respect I have for this band. Being a fan since I was in 5th grade, this was going to be my first time seeing the band, and getting the opportunity to shoot them and review a show was just icing on the cake. The crowd for the show wasn’t what I expected it to be. The standing room crowd differed from anywhere from mid 30’s adults to younger teenagers, which was a neat experience I hadn’t seen since Motion City Soundtrack had been here a few years back. As sound check was going on minuets before their set was to be started, a huge black curtain hung covering everything, only shadows could be seen, and the crowd was getting rowdy. Lights go out, and behind the black curtain, lights spell out “USED” as the whole room starts to rumble. The Used, being made up of Bert McCracken on vocals, Quinn Allman on Guitar, Jeph Howard on bass, and Dan Whitesides on drums, gave an explosive performance, playing anything from their newest single, “I Come Alive”, “Pretty Handsom Awkward” and even digging back from their first self titled album to play “A Box Of Shard Objects”. The band came out killing it to “Put Me Out” from their newest release, and quickly went into “Take It Away” from In Love and Death. I must note that Bert (Vocals) did spit on about 3 or 4 people during their set, one of which was a fellow photographer in the photo pit. Every person Bert spit on laughed it off, and so did he, it was just like going on a water ride at a theme park, you expect to get wet, well these people expected to get spit on, I mean, cmon, its Bert McCrackin. One thing I noticed is they do NOT play any music from their first major label release “Artwork”, which makes sense seeing how Bert (Vocals) tore that album apart in his recent interview with AP (Alternative Press). Nonetheless, it was an outstanding performance, watching people get far into the show, crying during “Blue and Yellow” and breaking down during “The Taste Of Ink”. You can tell how much this band has influenced people and gotten them through their hard times. I sat and watched as a girl in her twenty’s started balling her eyes out during “The Taste Of Ink.” That right there just shows how much that band means to fans, through all the years.  The Used has been around for 11 years not, and Bert didn’t fail to mention this is nowhere near the end for them, they will still make music and tour as long as everyone keeps coming out.

Bryce Hall

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