Thrice Farewell Tour with Animals As Leaders and o’brother

Since May 4th, post-hardcore legends Thrice have been on a nationwide farewell tour. Supporting them on this tour are Animals as Leaders and o’brother. On May 16th, their farewell tour rolled through Orlando’s House of Blues.

The night began with indie-post rock band o’brother. Over the past two years, o’brother has become one of my favorite touring bands. Their 30-minute set on this tour is equal parts loud and haunting, and their songs are complex, but subtly catchy. Their show included several songs from their new album, “Garden Window”.
Following o’bro was Animals as Leaders. Their unique style of instrumental rock is very interesting, to say the least. If you haven’t heard of AAL, they are comprised of one drummer and two guitar players, both of whom play 8-string, detuned guitars. Their lights show is very dark, but projected visualizations of their music flash on the stage. 

After Animals as Leaders was done, Thrice took the stage. Their set started with the first track from their most recent album, “Major/Minor”, entitled “Yellow Belly”. During the following song,”Image of the Invisible”, the crowd was filled with energy. Crowd surfers filled the pit, and the entire audience chanted along with frontman Dustin Kensrue. The next two hours were filled with songs from each of Thrice’ nine releases, filling a 29 song setlist. During the show, Thrice made it clear that this final tour was dedicated to their fans. The setlist was comprised entirely of songs voted on by fans, and Kensrue made sure to thank the crowd for their support over the last fourteen years. Their show’s second encore, a beautiful version of the Major/Minor track “Anthology” filled the crowd with emotion. The feeling in the audience was that of a graduation, a going away party for a good friend, or the last day of school. Everyone in the crowd was filled with nostalgia and appreciation for the music Thrice has spent their time creating. Thrice has spent the past fourteen years creating songs that challenge the listener to think introspectively about their own actions, about the world around them, and they have ignored trends and fashions and instead stayed true to themselves. They also gave everyone in attendance a fantastic roller coaster of a show. As a fan, there isn’t much more you can ask of a band.

If you are a fan of Thrice in any capacity, their farewell tour is a must see.

Check out our exclusive photo gallery from this show by CLICKING HERE!!!

Here is their 29 song setlist, streamable for free from Spotify: THRICE farewell Tour Setlist

Remaining tour dates:

Adam Sliger

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