Anberlin & Foxy Shazam

Anberlin is currently on the road playing some southeast US shows along with Foxy Shazam and States. States opened up last nights show in Orlando with a rather bland and forgettable set. The crowd did not seem to get into them; they were all waiting anxiously for Foxy Shazam to take the stage. If you have never seen Foxy Shazam live, you have no purpose for living! Without a doubt, hands down the most entertaining band you will ever see live! There are absolutely no words you can use to describe them; they do EVERYTHING on stage, from standing on top of keyboards to eating a whole pack of lit cigarettes while doing a handstand! Aside from their stage antics, they actually play some very good music. While the content and lyrics are interesting, the music they pair them with makes it a total package! See them live, end of story! After Foxy destroyed the stage, Anberlin kept the audience waiting in anticipation of what they knew was coming. They finally took to the stage and kicked off the night with “Godspeed.” They played 15 songs ranging from old to new, making sure that every fan would leave happy. The band had an extensive lighting rig, which at times made it impossible to see the band, but that didn’t stop the music! Right off the bat, Stephen’s mic went out leaving the crowd to sing along as loud as they could. After some ninja-like moves from the road crew, his mic was fixed and they continued with the rock!  Anberlin continued on with songs like “Pray Tell,” “Resistance,” and “Dismantle.” Closing out the night with “Feel Good Drag,” they thanked the crowd for coming to their hometown show (the band is from Winter Haven, and Stephen attended UCF) and bowed to the thunderous applause from the sold out crowd. While this tour seemed very random and just for fun, expect Anberlin to take over the US once again very soon!

Check Out Our Exclusive Photo Gallery From This Show By CLICKING HERE !!!

Ben Packard

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