The Wanted US Tour

Straight off the plane and into the tour bus, one of the UK’s hottest boy bands, The Wanted, kicked off their first ever US tour last night at The Social in Orlando Florida. Playing to a sold out crowd, The Wanted boys took to the stage amid screams reminiscent of Bieber-Fever! Kicking off the set with “Behind Bars,” The Wanted played over an hour of nonstop music. They played fan favorites like “Rocket,” “Warzone,” and their smash hit “All Time Low.” The guys were clearly blown away by the fan support for their first US show, continuously commenting on how shocked they were that people knew all the words to their songs. The plus side of having 5 switching vocalists meant more time for the guys to spread the love, high fiving, hugging, and kissing the screaming girls smashed up against the stage. While in the US, The Wanted will be playing much smaller venues than the arenas they are used to back in the UK, but from the looks of it, they don’t mind the intimate show at all! Ending the night with “Glad You Came” the boys took one final bow and promised they would come back as soon as possible, before being escorted out by security through the screaming crowd. For people that are hesitant to check out another “generic boy band,” I highly recommend you check out The Wanted. They go far beyond what people typically associate with cookie cutter boy bands. The guys say right off the bat that they aren’t dancers, which means they focus all of their energy on singing. The vocal harmonies sound great together, making their music that much more entertaining to hear. Definitely catch them as they make their way across the US if you can!

** Check Out Our Exclusive Photo Gallery From The Wanted’s First US Show By CLICKING HERE **

Ben Packard

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