CD Review: Family Force 5 – III

Family Force 5
Tooth and Nail Records

Atlanta, Georgia-based Family Force 5 never fails to entertain! Back with their third (not including the Christmas album) album, the boys have absolutely brought it with III! As usual, FF5 brings everything in their arsenal to their music…electronica/dance, heavy guitars, distorted vocals morphing into harmonious vocals, straight up rap vocals, funky grooves, reggae flavor…uhh, did I miss anything? Yeah, probably! Let’s just say III is a straight up par-tayyyyy! It’s a known fact that these boys always bring the party to wherever they are! III is simply a studio recorded version of the party they bring to their live show! Did you see them at Warped? Off the hook!!!!  So let’s see what we’ve got on III…here are my faves! The opening track “Can You Feel It” has a White Stripes feel with heavy guitars and distorted vocals…really kick-ass start to the album! “You Got It” has a little reggae vibe and a little bit of a C-Lo Green “Fuck You” flavor. “Not Alone” is my favorite on the album…this song spoke to me in a very profound way! A beautifully poignant, vulnerable, emotional ballad…this song is incredible! “Love Gone Wrong” is a fun, funky little ditty that has an awesome pop, hooky Beatles-inspired chorus. And, of course, get out your dance shoes, and learn to “Wobble.” I’ll let you learn this one on your own! So these guys are all over the place! But I would expect nothing less from Family Force 5! A solid third effort!  III was released on October 18th! Be sure to check it out! FF5 is headed out on tour in support of this album. If you’ve never seen them, do yourself a favor and go check them out! If you’ve been at the party, you know you should NEVER miss an opportunity to see FF5! Head over to to check out their tour dates!


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