Fearless Friends Tour 2011

The Fearless Friends Tour went hardcore this year, with a stellar lineup including Blessthefall, The Word Alive, Motionless In White, Chunk No Capitan Chunk, Tonight Alive, and The Greater Me. As they did last year, Fearless has put together one of the best tours of the year! First up was The Greater Me, who most people didn’t even know were on the tour. Easily one of the best acts of the night! Their off the wall energy proved that they will be around for a long time! Australia’s Tonight Alive was up next, putting on one hell of a show! They are relevantly new to the Fearless family, but I see big things coming for them in the future. Chunk, No Capitan Chunk from Paris stormed the stage and got the mosh started. This is the bands 2nd US tour, and they already have a huge fan base. Their catchy mix of hardcore and pop covers the basis for everyone. A great live set for sure. Motionless In White was up next, bringing on the goth rock. While they were defiantly the “wild card” of the lineup, they still put on a very entertaining show.  The Word Alive brought out the biggest portion of the crowd, and they went insane when they took the stage. Telle was all over the place, jumping off risers and screaming right in the crowds face. Blessthefall rounded out the night, and they did with a bang! Beau spent more time on the barricade and in the crowd then he did on stage. They played a countless number of songs, putting on one of the most impressive sets I have seen this year! Here’s to hoping Fearless keeps up this tour every year, I know I will be there if they do!!

Check Out Our Exclusive Gallery From The Fearless Friends Tour By Clicking HERE !!

Ben Packard

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