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CD Review: Family Force 5 – III

Family Force 5
Tooth and Nail Records

Atlanta, Georgia-based Family Force 5 never fails to entertain! Back with their third (not including the Christmas album) album, the boys have absolutely brought it with III! As usual, FF5 brings everything in their arsenal to their music…electronica/dance, heavy guitars, distorted vocals morphing into harmonious vocals, straight up rap vocals, funky grooves, reggae flavor…uhh, did I miss anything? Yeah, probably! Let’s just say III is a straight up par-tayyyyy! It’s a known fact that these boys always bring the party to wherever they are! III is simply a studio recorded version of the party they bring to their live show! Did you see them at Warped? Off the hook!!!!  So let’s see what we’ve got on III…here are my faves! Read the rest of this entry

Tom Tom Club: Interview with Chris Frantz

TOM TOM CLUB – Interview with Chris Frantz

There’s truly nothing better in this job than getting to meet a musician whose music you grew up listening to and loving, and who turns out to be wayyyyyy cooler than you ever imagined! Chris Frantz made my September by taking time out to do an interview with me for ROCK-WIRE.COM! You might remember Chris and his lovely wife, Tina Weymouth, from a little band called the Talking Heads. Heard of that band? Yeah, I thought you might have! Chris (drums) and Tina (bass) were 2/3 of the founding members of Talking Heads, along with David Byrne (guitar/vocals). Chris and Tina were also the founding members of another successful band from the ‘80s called Tom Tom Club. This little band has produced one of the most sampled songs around today called “Genius of Love.” Be sure to check out the sampled song listing at Tom Tom Club’s website ( ). Chances are…you’ve heard “Genius of Love!” In any case, Tom Tom Club was quite successful in its own right…producing quite a few popular tunes over the years. The longevity of the band is evident, as a tour stop with Psychedelic Furs in my town this year allowed this interview to happen! Chris was nice enough to take time after a long sound check, while eating dinner with guitarist Pablo, to chat with me about Tom Tom Club and what the band has been up to…and will be up to in coming months! Take some time to get to know Chris FrantzRead the rest of this entry

On The Rocks Tour with Grieves & Budo

After a full stint on the Vans Warped Tour, a sold out headlining tour, and a European tour with his label mates, Grieves, along with his partner in crime Budo, took to the US again on the “On The Rocks Tour.” At a recent stop in Orlando, the crowd was pumped and ready thanks to opening act KFlay, who blew the crowd away! G&B jumped onstage and straight into the music. With a crowd singing back every word of every song, Grieves played an hour and a half straight with soulful tracks like “Lightspeed,” “Lockdown,” “On The Rocks,” and “Learning How To Fall.” The energy both Grieves and Budo exert onstage is incredible. They both have so much passion for the music that they play. Grieves spent a good chunk of the set displaying his hilarious personality, talking about everything from his first handjob (which caused a car accident) to his never-ending quest to wrestle and/or kill an alligator, then turn it in to the most epic cape ever!. Read the rest of this entry

Fearless Friends Tour 2011

The Fearless Friends Tour went hardcore this year, with a stellar lineup including Blessthefall, The Word Alive, Motionless In White, Chunk No Capitan Chunk, Tonight Alive, and The Greater Me. As they did last year, Fearless has put together one of the best tours of the year! First up was The Greater Me, who most people didn’t even know were on the tour. Easily one of the best acts of the night! Their off the wall energy proved that they will be around for a long time! Australia’s Tonight Alive was up next, putting on one hell of a show! They are relevantly new to the Fearless family, but I see big things coming for them in the future. Chunk, No Capitan Chunk from Paris stormed the stage and got the mosh started. This is the bands 2nd US tour, and they already have a huge fan base. Their catchy mix of hardcore and pop covers the basis for everyone. A great live set for sure. Read the rest of this entry

The Devil Wears Prada Dead Throne Tour

The Devil Wears Prada is currently on the road in support of their new album “The Dead Throne” on the properly named “Dead Throne Tour!” The hardcore sextet are selling out every venue on this run, causing madness in the pit by the time they took to the stage.  Not to be repetitive again, but the band started their set with what else but “Dead Throne.” From there on out, it was an all out mosh fest. TDWP played an unheard of 17 songs much to the delight of the crowd. Surprisingly, they played a lot more old songs than new ones, including Sassafras, Hey John, and HTML Rulez D00d. Mike was his usual madman self, running all over the stage and jumping off of anything and everything he could. He even picked up the guitar for a song exposing his wide range of talents. The band had an impressive stage set, with ramps, risers, and a giant dead throne logo that lit up and changed colors. Ending the night with Danger: Wildman, Mike flung himself into the crowd and surfed his way all the way to the back of he crowd. The wild antics of TDWP never stop, and you would be crazy to miss them live! Read the rest of this entry

Avenged Sevenfold Buried Alive Tour

Avenged Sevenfold kicked off their Buried Alive Tour recently at the Germain Arena in Estero Florida. With support from Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, and Hollywood Undead, this show was a hard rock night to remember! With a massive stage set and loaded with their signature pyro explosions, Avenged played an in your face set with nonstop energy. Kicking off the night with their megahit Nightmare, the band blasted through a set list including Welcome To The Family, A Little Piece Of Heaven, Unholy Confessions, and fan favorite Bat Country. The bands intense guitar solos were out of this world, being played with perfection every time. M Shadows vocals with his signature rasp made it feel just like you were listening to their CD. They ended the night playing Save Me amid a shower of sparks and 20 foot flames. While Avenged’s popularity continues to grown exponentially, and the venues they play get bigger and bigger, the band still puts on a show so great that you feel like they are playing it just for you! Read the rest of this entry

Buckcherry in Tampa

After a run opening up for Guns N Roses, and a stint on the annual Shiprocked cruise, Buckcherry played a one off show with Hinder and Mr Bella in Tampa Florida.  Decked out in their signature glam rock leather attire, the band blasted through a set list filled with fan favorites. Kicking off the night with Tired Of You, Rescue Me, and All Night Long, BC set the mood for the hour and a half that followed. They were out to prove that fans could still rock out even though they were in a Broadway theatre, and that is just what they did! The crowd of 1000 jumped over seats and formed a giant mob in front of the stage, rocking out and singing along to all 17 songs that night. Many fans were surprised that they played their mega hit Crazy Bitch early in the set, but that didn’t stop them from screaming along every word! BC ended the night with Crushed, and kept the fans wanting more. With a very busy 2011 wrapping up for them, one can only hope they will be on the road just as much in 2012! Read the rest of this entry

World War 3 Tour w/ Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead continued their very busy 2011 by headlining the World War 3 Tour along with Asking Alexandria, Borgore, We Came As Romans, and DRUGS. This lineup was jam packed, with a band for fans of every music style.  At one of the last stops in Tampa FL, Hollywood Undead played a high energy set loaded with cyro explosions and an impressive lighting system. The band played fan favorites like “Undead” and “Everywhere I Go” along with material from their more recent albums. While they only wore their signature masks for a few songs, that didn’t bring down the energy level at all. Fans were eating it up, chanting “HOLLYWOOD” in between every song. The band played 15 songs, almost an hour and a half of constant jumping and singing along from the crowd. Ending with “Hear Me Now,” Hollywood made it clear that they are not going anywhere, they will be having just as much fun on the road for years to come! Read the rest of this entry

Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour w/ A Skylit Drive

A Skylit Drive took to the road along with Alesana and a whole list of other bands on the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour.  Fresh off the release of their “Love The Way You Lie” cover from the new Punk Goes Pop 4 album, ASG took to the stage to the deafening roar of the crowd. The crowd was so excited, in fact, that as soon as the band started the first song, the crowd broke through the barricade causing complete and utter mayhem. While the set was short, as they were just a support act, ASG put on an incredible show. The band was full of energy; they never stopped moving. Jag made a game out of jumping into the crowd. I lost count after the 5th time it happened. As A Skylit Drive continues to grow as a band, they show no signs of slowing down. Be sure to check them out the next time they are in town! Read the rest of this entry

The Noise Tour with Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade brought the rock to the USA while headlining the Journeys Noise Tour along with We Are The In Crowd, There For Tomorrow, You Me At Six, and The Make.  When the Mayday boys took to the stage at a sold out House Of Blues in Orlando recently, the crowd of all ages went wild. There were no matching outfits or gimmicks on this tour like they had done in the past; Mayday was just there to rock! Blasting through a busy set list off both old and new material, fans of all levels got what they wanted, from the original fans to people who have only heard their new album.  Read the rest of this entry