Warped Memories 2011!

It’s November, it’s getting cold, and everyone is stuck in school wishing it was summer all over again. We here at Rock-Wire want to give you a mini mental vacation back to the summer, to relive everyone’s favorite music festival, Warped Tour! This year’s Warped Tour was action packed! With incredible performances from the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Simple Plan, Yelawolf, Every Avenue, Set Your Goals, and hundreds more, this past summer was one you wont soon forget. Check out exclusive interviews with Grieves, Avion Roe, MC Lars, and The Venetia Fair about how their 2011 Warped experience was. Also check out our massive photo gallery with shots from all of your favorite Warped bands!


Rock-wire: Tell us about your newest album & why should people check it out?

Grieves: The new album “Together/Apart” was just released on June 21st on Rhymesayers Ent.Both Budo and I are super proud of this record due to the fact it took us two years to make… but we made it in just the way that we have always talked about. We sat down in 2008 and decided that we were gonna make records in a fashion that allows both of us to incorporate the things that made us want to make music in the first place. After that talk we came out with “88 keys and counting” (our first record together) throughout the years we perfected the sound we wanted and I think both him and I agree when I say “Together/Apart” has captured that sound sonically. As far as why you should check it out… that’s a very clear answer… if you don’t… a pack of wild dogs will rip you limb from limb and feast on your bones.

RW: What was your Warped Tour experience like?

G: Warped was great! Wasn’t sure what to expect at first… but it turned out to be really cool summer. Met a lot of bands I would have never heard of otherwise and gained a lot of new fans who never really gave hip hop a chance. So all in all…. it was awesome. It was hotter than 2 rats fucking in a wool sock… but it was worth it!

RW: What is it like being one of the very few hip hop acts on a punk rock tour?

G: I feel like that helped us stand out. A lot of these kids had never heard any hip hop before… or what they had heard was off the radio. So when these kids saw/heard us on stage… you could see the lights turn on for them. It was a beautiful thing. Every day kids would come up to our merch tent and tell us how they don’t even like hip hop but they loved what they heard from us. In a sense… we get to be there introduction to hip hop and all of the things that we are doing over at rhymesayers. That’s a good feeling.

RW: How were the crowds? What has their reaction been like?

G: Crowds start at a decent size then grow as people start catching on. It really helps that we got fans coming out and lining up before we play. Other people see that and just start lining up too. As far as the reactions go… i think i pretty much covered that in the last answer… but the reactions were great. A lot of kids discovering something new and being pumped about it.

RW: What was the wildest thing that has happened on tour?

G: In Florida our stage was set up on the waterfront of a bay. After I played I grabbed a megaphone and started asking the people on their boats if I could come out and join them. Lucky for me I’m a charming young fellow and one of the boats agreed. I quickly filled up a bag full of beers and dived into the water. I swam out to the boat and drank beers for about an hour out there… it was awesome! I watched the entire Bad Rabbits set from a boat. After the beer was gone… i swam back and got hoisted ashore… that’s when i found out that the water i was swimming in was infested with hammer head sharks…

RW: Any certain bands that you watched every single day?

G: Bad Rabbits, Big Chocolate, Pepper, and Ill Scarlet!

RW: Which band on Warped impressed you the most?

G: Bad Rabbits! Those dudes got the funktopus!

RW: Best and worst thing about Warped Tour?

G: Best thing – Getting to meet all the talented and amazing people that were a part of the tour. Worst thing – THE HEAT!

RW: How good is that famous Monster Tour Water?

G: It’s water in a can…. it’s no natural spring water… but it’s also not gutter water… i got a case in my garage if you wanna taste it for yourself.

RW: Top 5 things you have to bring with you on the road?

G: Mac Book, internet router, toothbrush, tea and honey, and enough movies to help me forget I’m in the middle of a 12 hr drive.

RW: Guilty pleasure song?

G: Hotel California by the eagles…. 

RW: What’s the strangest thing you have on your rider while you are on tour?

G: I used to have koala yummies and dunkeroos… i trimmed the comedic fat this time around… i think i have a pretty serious rider now…. no fun… i know.

RW: What are your upcoming tour plans after Warped?

G: Starting September 16th I hit the road for my first real headlining tour. I will be hitting the road with my friends Prof and The Mc Type! Tickets are available on Aug 18th so make sure you go out and get you some!! http://www.rhymesayers. com/tours/grieves_and_budo_ the_together_apart_tour

RW: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

G: Gangsters don’t dance…. We boogie! See you this fall! I love you!

MC Lars

Rock-Wire: Tell us about your newest release & why should people check it out?

MC Lars: “Lars Attacks!” dropped  Sept 6th and explores many common themes in hip-hop: summer camp, venomous box jellyfish and the tragic love life of Edgar Allan Poe.  But seriously, people should check it out because I did it all myself with money I raised on Kickstarter and it’s my first album where it’s all about bringing the realness and not trying to make comedy rap.  There are songs about spirituality and family and love and even tracks with KRS-One and Sage Francis.  I’m hella proud of it.

 RW: Tell us about your Warped Tour experience on the 2011 Warped Tour.

 MC Lars:  We handed out thousands of promo cards, put up hundreds of posters and met many amazing bands and fans.  We worked hard this summer – my label is completely DIY so if I weren’t out there rapping to the line in the morning or hustling my CDs I wasn’t going to accomplish much. Weerd Science and I played a combined set on the same stage as Yelawolf and Blood on the Dance Floor.  We stuck out and proved that the underground hip-hop world is still growing.  I met a lot of really great lifelong friends and I would do it again in a second.  Best tour ever!

 RW: How was the crowd response during the tour? Did any particular venues stand out as awesome?

 MC Lars:  We got lots of love but our crowd size depended on our set time and where we were.  The dopest show was definitely Mountain View (San Francisco), since it was a home town celebration.  We went on late and had thousands of people watching us.  The Gorge in Washington was breathtaking and incredible.  I also loved Milwaukee, I got to go for a bike ride around Lake Michigan.  West Palm Beach, Florida was fresh too.  America is so beautiful and gigantic.

 RW: Funniest thing that happened on tour?

MC Lars:  When we were about to go on stage in Minneapolis and realized we had lost the cables to the iPod for our samples.  Whoops.  I had to run 10 minutes to the bus, which was all the way across the venue in the parking lot, and back with the cables, making it a minute before we had to go on.  It was funny in retrospect, not so funny then.  Warped is all about learning to be prepared for anything and I can take that into life moving forward.

 RW: Tell us a moment on this year’s Warped Tour that you would consider “special” or having stood out to you as a band?

 MC Lars:  Less than Jake asked me to come up and rap with them.  It was awesome!!  I looked out at the thousands of ska heads and asked them to put their hands in the air and it was a feeling unlike anything else.  I loved hanging with those dudes and definitely hope to tour with them again.

 RW: Was there a band on the tour that you watched their set over and over? Why were they so great?

MC Lars:  Grieves and Budo were awesome every night!  He has amazing lyrics and Budo makes great beats and performs a bunch of instruments.  They shared our bus and I always liked chilling out during their set and enjoying the hip-hop flavor.  Get the new album they dropped “Together / Apart” on Rhymesayers.

 RW: Which band that you didn’t know before Warped Tour would you like to tour with again? Why?

MC Lars:  Big Chocolate is a dubstep DJ who used to do metal and he was amazing.  He had huge crowds and really got the kids excited – I’d love to do something with him one day because we are both indie laptop homies. 

 RW: Which band on Warped impressed you the most?

MC Lars:  Lionize from Washington, DC were the best live band out there!!  They just had the best energy and focus and musical talent.  I came up and rapped with them and Weerd Science.  The best show of theirs was the Gorge in Washington.  What an amazing day with a beautiful view.  I’m going to do a spoken word album with them playing music behind my rants.  It’s going to be sick!

RW: Which band (besides yours) should people check out in a live setting?

MC Lars:  If you get the chance, go watch the Bad Rabbits.  They are from Boston and have one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.  Hella dope, great high energy music. 

 RW: Best and worst thing about Warped Tour?

MC Lars:  The best thing was the opportunity to perform for so many people and win thousands of new fans.  The hardest thing was the sun and lack of sleep – by the end of it I was pretty drained.  44 shows is a lot when you have to be up before 9 am every day to promote and set up merch, you feel me?

 RW:  What are your future tour plans?

 MC Lars:  I’m doing two months with mc chris, then hopefully Australia, Russia and England.  I’m doing a literature album, an album with Weerd Science, a kids’ album and putting together a TV pilot about educational hip-hop.  You can tell that I like to relax and do nothing, right? 

RW: What would you like to say to your fans?

MC Lars:  Create more, consume less, own your art and do something beautiful with your life.  DIY pays off!  Check out “Lars Attacks!”, on iTunes and Amazon Sept 6th, also available on my tour.

Thanks guys!! Lars

Avion Roe

Rock-wire.com: Tell us about your newest album & why should people check it out?

 Evan Lester: We spent a little over a year writing and recording ‘The Art of Fiction’ it’s a full-length, slightly conceptual album that connects from start to finish with transitions and short songs. The songs themselves range in genre to create a very versatile record, I feel like all of our influences can be heard.

 RW: What was your Warped Tour experience like?

 EL: Bands spend their entire careers trying to be a part of the VWT, we have been so blessed to jump on this early in ours. The tour can be a grind for a new band like us but we embrace it. We are able to reach so many fans that [without Warped] may not have heard of us.

 RW: How were the crowds? What has their reaction been like?

 EL: Our crowds have been amazing. I can’t put into words the feeling of playing our 5th show ever [in New York] and seeing fans singing all of the lyrics. We have a very energetic presence on stage and fans seem to almost have a stop and stare reaction to it.

 RW: What was the wildest thing that has happened on tour?

 EL: At our fourth show on the tour I jumped on my back at cracked a rib, I then had to finish our run on the tour with no pain medication. Things like that don’t slow our band down though, when I was in pain my band picked up the slack. No regrets.

 RW: Any certain bands that you watched every single day?

 EL: Go Radio seemed to be the most watched band by us, they’re just so damn impressive live. The Dangerous Summer and Enter Shikari were also contenders.

 RW: Which band on Warped has impressed you the most?

 EL: Terrible Things is a band that puts on an unforgettable live performance, but what impressed me was the singer (Fred Masherino) because he spent what seemed to be every free moment he had out at his tent and meeting fans.

 RW: Best and worst thing about Warped Tour?

 EL: Meeting our fans, seeing our beautiful country and playing music everyday on our favorite tour is the best feeling. No complaints.

 RW: How good is that famous Monster Tour Water?

 EL: Haha, it tastes like you think it does. It’s very cool of Monster to help get everyone water.

 RW: Top 5 things you have to bring with you on the road?

 EL: All I brought was a pillow and 2 changes of clothes.

 RW: What’s the strangest thing you have on your rider while you are on tour?

 EL:  Water is the only thing on it.

 RW: What are your upcoming tour plans after Warped?

 EL: We’re still trying to solidify a few things. We will be shooting our first music video for our song ‘Who I Am…’ so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

 RW: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

 EL: We can’t thank our fans enough. Please contact us anyway you can we want to talk to all of you. 



The Venetia Fair

Rock-Wire: Tell us about your newest release & why should people check it out?

TVF: Well its called “The Pits”.  Its pretty wild.  We wrote it during a real dark time in all of our lives. As a band we were pretty fucking miserable.   That really has nothing to do with the way the record sounds or feels but i just wanted you to know.

RW: Tell us about your Warped Tour experience so far

TVF: Well we got back from our 22 day warped tour run. The best way to describe it is Hot and Wild.  Its absolutely nonstop and extremely exhausting especially for a smaller band like us.  We roll into Warped at about 7 AM after the 8 hour drive we made the night before. Keep in mind we are in a van and trailer with no driver (We take shifts) At this time we gotta load in our tent, snag a prime tent spot and load in all of our merch (There’s alot) After this we spend the rest of the time before doors open out in the lines meeting people and holding up big signs that say what time and what stage we are playing.   Once doors are open a few of us will head back to the tent and a few of us will load in our gear (We have alot) to wherever the stage is (usually really far from where were parked).  The rest of the time up till we play is spent promoting our set time.  After we play we all want to be dead from exhaustion but we always find a way to drag our bodies back to the tent to meet with the fans.  This is what makes all the shit we did to lead up to this moment totally worth it.  Our fans are the best/weirdest/most fucking wild people and its great. The rest of the day is spent breaking down/loading out gear, doing interviews, selling merch and then eventually loading out the tent/merch at the end of the day. At this time we usually head to the warped tour BBQ where we will proceed to eat/ drink the night away…at least till buss call. Then whoever is the least blacked out will drive.

RW: How have the crowds been?

TVF: The crowds have been wild as fuck. The great thing about our band is our show is soo out of control, by the end of our set the crowd will have tripled in size just because soo many people that had been walking by couldnt help but stop  and said “What the fuck is this” and ended up staying for the whole set. Its been great seeing how many of our old fans come out but its also amazing how many new fans we have made.

 RW: Funniest thing that has happened on tour?

TVF: Most nights at the Warped BBQ’s something retarded will happen involving our band. If you could pick out the drunkest/ most embarrasing dude at every warped BBQ chances are every time it will be someone in our band/ crew. One night I kept forcing people to punch me in the face as hard as they could. Then i dove in a snake/ alligator infested lake and refused to come out till i “Caught a baby crock”. Well i woke up the next morning covered in mud and with some nasty bumps on my head.  I did not catch a croc.

RW: Is there a band on tour that you watch their set over and over?

TVF: Foxy Shazam was finishing up their last week on the tour just as we started our leg of the tour. We did our best to watch those guys every day we could. They are wild dudes and a great band.

 RW: Which band on Warped has impressed you the most?

TVF: Our friends band Avion Roe had a really handsome tour manager named Derick. I mean i consider myself to be a pretty straight dude but god was he handsome.

RW: Which band (besides yours) should people be sure to see while at Warped?

TVF: If you wanna see something different than 90% of the bands at warped, check out Foxy Shazam, Larry and His Flask and Bad Rabbits.  There’s also a great British punk band called “The Exposed” that are really good.

RW: Best and worst thing about Warped Tour

TVF: Best thing: We all got pretty great tan’s. Worst thing: We all got pretty great tan’s

RW: Tour plans beyond Warped Tour?

TVF: I think were gonna try to stay on the road for a bit longer after that before we come home and finish writing/recording our full length. Check www.facebook.com/thevenetiafair for tour dates and stuff cause i would never know anything. i just play drums.

RW: What would you like to say to your fans?

TVF: No Rules. No Learning. Party Forever.


Check Out Our Exclusive Photo Gallery Below From The 2011 Vans Warped Tour To Re Live Some AMAZING Moments!

Ben Packard


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