Panic At The Disco, Patrick Stump, and Foxy Shazam

Panic at the Disco are back on the road with the 2nd leg of their 2011 tour. Bringing back Foxy Shazam and adding Patrick Stump to round out the night, fans were in for a treat. First up was Foxy. There are absolutely no words that can describe their live set, so I am not even going to try. SEE THEM LIVE, END OF STORY. Patrick Stump was on next, brought on by the shriek of teenage Fall Out Boy fans. Stump has continued to blow me away as a solo artist. The passion and energy that he displays while onstage was never seen while he was fronting FOB. He blazed through a loaded set list of original songs off of his new album “Soul Punk.” Many of these songs were performed abbreviated as part of a 3 song medley, giving his set a whole new dynamic. Between the guitar, drum, and trumpet solos all performed by Stump, fans had to roll up their tongues because their jaws had dropped to the floor. As much as I hate to admit it, Stump might be better off without Fall Out Boy. He is a true entertainer and a mind blowing musician. Hopefully he gets back on the road soon in 2012! Panic at the Disco closed out the night in rock star fashion. With a stage decked out in nautical and futuristic décor, and dressy shirt and tie outfits, Panic got the crowd ready to go with… well “Ready to Go.” From there on out, it was 19 songs of in your face rock. They covered most of the songs off of their latest album Vices and Virtues like “Mona Lisa,’ “Kill Tonight,” and “Hurricane,” and still managed to play a few fan favorites like “Lying” and “I Write Sins.” Urie was his usual charismatic self, bouncing around the stage and using all the space possible to jump off of. While the show wasn’t incredibly high energy, the music more than made up for it. Most fans expected Panic to end their set with “Sins,” but they instead closed out the night with “Nearly Witches,” giving a slightly more clam vibe, before the band went wild ending the song. Panic at the Disco has continued to evolve over the years, and no matter what the lineup is, they always put on one hell of a show.

Ben Packard


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