The Sounds

The Sounds are back in the US and embarking on a full country tour. Starting the tour in Florida, their recent show in Orlando was one to remember! After an insane set by Wallpaper, The Sounds took the stage to the roar of the crowd. Maja Iversson emerged onto the stage with a cigarette in hand, and immediately playing to the crowd with her signature sexual presence. Starting off with “It’s So Easy,” the band made sure the fans knew they were in for a good time. With an hour and a half set, The Sounds left everything they hand on that stage, putting pure emotion into every single song. They played over 20 songs, including hits like “Living in America,” “Paint by numbers,” and ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah.” Fans were off their feet dancing and singing along; quite often into the mic, as Maja spent A LOT of time on the barricade singing with the crowd. The band ended the night with “Tony the Beat,” complete with Maja flicking lit cigarettes into the crowd. As many Swedish bands are, The Sounds are an incredibly impressive live act, and I can see why they have the cult like following that they do. While a US tour is a little more rare for The Sounds than for most of your favorite bands, you would be stupid not to see them when they come through your town!

Ben Packard


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