Cody Simpson – Coast To Coast EP

Cody Simpson could be compared to Justin Bieber. While Bieber might have the popularity on his side, Simpson can clearly out sing him. He proves this especially on his new “Coast To Coast” EP. The six song album shows off Cody’s wide range of musical skills, including soft songs, dance songs, and songs that are just raw vocal and guitar talent on Simpson’s part. His mega hits “On My Mind” and “All Day” are clearly the most pop rock dance type tracks on the album, which explains why all the girls love them. Angel is another standout track, leaning more towards Simpson’s soft side. “Not Just You,” “ Crazy But True,” and “Good As It Gets” round out the album, and while they are nothing to write home about, they definitely flow with the rest of the album, making it one of the more well rounded CDs I have heard this year. Cody Simpson is blowing up like all child pop stars do. His name is well known around the world, and worshipped by teenage girls everywhere, all without even putting out a full length album. With his popularity growing exponentially, and his future bright, expect to hear Cody’s name for many years to come.

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