Nevershoutnever Time Travel Tour

Christofer Drew and his band of brothers The Shouts have hit the road under their Nevershoutnever moniker to promote their new “Time Travel” album. At their recent stop in Orlando, the crowd of teenage girls was loud and ready to go long before NSN hit the stage. The band, now a 4 piece, kicked off their set with new material off their latest album. It seemed that for every song, the band members switched off instruments, giving the show a very dynamic feel. Hitting the stage with his trademark cigarette ablaze, Drew was his usual laid back self, although at times he was bouncing off the walls. His almost bipolar mood changes kept the fans on their toes, never knowing what he would do next.  While their show was only an hour long, Drew and the gang filled it with a set list spanning their whole career, from “Big City Dreams” to “Silver Ecstasy” and everything in-between. Closing off the night with “I Love You 5,” Drew channeled his inner EATMEWHILEIMHOT and started screaming the lyrics, causing the crowd to go wild! As someone who has listened to Drew since his myspace days, it is refreshing to see that Chris has refused to change who he is or let anyone in the music industry tell him what to do. All I can say is I wish more artists turned out that way. Whether you like NSN or not, you will not be disappointed while attending one of their concerts. Their music and attitude are infectious, you’ll find yourself singing and jumping along before you even know it!

Ben Packard

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