Sevendust / Adelita’s Way / EyeEmpire / Seven Day Sonnet Show Review

Amos’ South End  Charlotte, NC
July 29, 2011

Sevendust has been back on the road on a headlining tour in support of their latest album, Cold Day Memory. Once again, the Atlanta, GA-based hard rockers do not disappoint!  With a strong supporting cast, Sevendust brought it for the last night of this particular tour! Incidentally, if you haven’t yet gotten yourself a copy of Cold Day Memory, what the hell are you waiting for? In my own humble opinion, I think this is one of the band’s best works so far!  So, how about we get on with the show review, huh?

First up was Chicago prog rockers, Seven Day Sonnet. These hard rockers surely were firing on all cylinders for this show! The boys played to a very receptive crowd, and made some new fans! The quintet is working on a new album, but is doing quite well with their current single, “Hapless.” “Hapless” has spent 17 weeks on the Active Rock charts…not too shabby for the band’s first radio push!!! They are planning to release a new single called “Farewell to Good Days” on August 15th. The new album will be out later this year or early 2012. If you’re into heavy rock, give Seven Day Sonnet a listen! Check them out at

Next up was EyeEmpire. This band began back in 2007 with bassist Corey Lowery (Dark New Day/Stuck Mojo) and guitarist B.C. Kochmit (Switched). Morgan Rose of Sevendust originally played drums for EyeEmpire. Now, rounding out the lineup is drummer Will Hunt (Evanescence/Dark New Day) and vocalist Donald Carpenter (Submersed). EyeEmpire was very well-received by the crowd…in fact, many were familiar with EE! The boys are out in support of their new release, Moment of Impact. Straight-up, balls-out heavy rock is what you get with EE. A really cool band to check out if you’re into heavy rock! Live show tunes include “Bull In a China Shop”, “Victim (of the System)” and “I Pray.” Really dug “I Pray”!!! Head over to their site to check them out!

Next up…Adelita’s Way! Really dig this band! Have been a fan since their debut release in 2009! You’ll probably remember them for their singles “Invincible” and “Dirty Little Thing” which pretty much tore up Active Rock radio! This Las Vegas-based quartet has stepped their game up a notch and a half with their new release, Home School Valedictorian! The first single from this album, “Sick”, is doing very well too! It’s early in the game, but I think AW is well on their way to avoiding the sophomore slump! As always, AW is full of high energy, tight musicianship, a front man who can command the shit out of the crowd, and full-on high octane rock n’ roll! They never disappoint in a live setting, and they certainly didn’t here! Stand out live tunes include “Dirty Little Thing”, “Sick”, “Hurt” (HELLS YEAH!), and “Invincible.” Be sure to check out Home School Valedictorian and see Adelita’s Way in a live setting when you can! Fortunately for you, they are about to hit the road on the Carnival of Madness tour with Theory of a Deadman soon! Head to their website to find a date near you!

 Drum roll please…time for the headliner! Ladies & gentlemen…SEVENDUST! (Screams! Cheers! Woo hoos!) OK, so Sevendust hits the stage with their usual take-charge-of-the-world manner! The boys were in excellent form! Any time you’re fortunate enough to see Sevendust…particularly when they’re the headliner…you’re pretty fucking lucky!!! With the original lineup back together, the planets are re-aligned and Sevendust fans are in for the Sevendust that they know and love!  The boys were on it, baby!  They were tight…absolutely commanded the audience…played a helluva set selection…and played an hour of solid rock n’ roll! The crowd was totally into it…singing along to each and every song! And to those brave souls up front…you guys rock! Man, they were squished against that barricade!  But that didn’t stop them from rocking their faces off! With so many amazing tunes to choose from, it has to be difficult to choose a select number of songs at each show! I’m very happy to say that the boys chose many of my personal faves including “Angel’s Son”, “Enemy”, “Unraveling”, and “Face To Face”. All in all, singer Lajon Witherspoon, bassist Vince Hornsby, guitarist Clint Lowery, guitarist John Connelly, and drummer Morgan Rose did not disappoint!!! As a side note, watching Morgan Rose play drums is quite a show in itself! Once again, Sevendust delivered an incredible show! If you have never seen Sevendust, make a point to find them at a venue near you! If you’ve seen them before, you’ll know why I say that this band is one phenomenal live band! I’m told they will be back on the road soon, so be sure to head to their website to find out when and where they will be! Truly a band worth spending your hard-earned cash to see! And don’t forget to grab a copy of Cold Day Memory! Some of Sevendust’s best work to date!

Group photo by Jeremy Adamo. Concert photos by Jen Canipe.

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