GREEN DAY Awesome As F**k CD Review

Awesome as Fuck CD/DVD
(Reprise Records (CD/DVD); Adeline Records (vinyl))

If you’ve ever seen GREEN DAY in a live setting, you’ll know this album is indeed AWESOME AS FUCK!  Seriously, this in one band that can absolutely bring it live! GREEN DAY doesn’t fuck around…from Billie Joe Armstrong’s absolute command of the crowd, the musical tightness of the band, the excellent quality sound they deliver, and the fact that almost every tune that comes from this band is kick-ass! I’m so freakin’ excited about this live album that I can’t even tell you in this small space what an incredible gift this is to GREEN DAY fans! There are 17 live tracks on Awesome as Fuck from shows in the States and Europe. They’ve given us an awesome set list with the obvious hits and a few obscure surprises! If you grab Awesome as Fuck on itunes, you get a couple bonus audio tracks. The CD/DVD set is available now! The album was released as a special edition vinyl release on April 26th. GREEN DAY fans get your asses out there and add this awesome live set to your collection!!!  Absolutely AWESOME AS FUCK!!!

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