Get Wired! with Enigmatic Heart

Enigmatic Heart from Clifton Park NY is one of the most talented unsigned bands I have ever heard. When I first heard their music back in 2008, I was blown away by the sound I was hearing from a band made up of teenagers younger than I was. The self described “Indie hardcore” band has a presence that you just can’t ignore; and while they may not have ever been on a real tour, signed a record deal, or anything like that, they have still managed to solidify their spot as the “next big thing” in the music scene. We caught up with Clark and Bobby from the band to discuss everything from how the band came about, the biggest moments of their careers, and what it was like being published in Alternative Press magazine TWICE without any sort of record label backing. First off, who are you, what band are you in, and what do you do in the band?

Clark Rischbieter & Bobby Eckert: Clark and Bobby from Enigmatic Heart, and the screamer and guitarist respectively.

RW: Introduce us to the members of the band and tell us what they do in the band.


Clark Rischbieter – Vocals

Kris Woodcock – Guitar/Vocals

Bobby Eckert – Guitar

Sam Woodcock – Drums

Nick Campanella – Bass

RW: In what city is your band based?

EH: Clifton Park, NY, which is about 20 minutes north of Albany.

RW: Tell us each member’s favorite band.

EH: To be completely honest, none of us could narrow it to just one because of the different styles of music we listen to, sorry!

Clark – August Burns Red/The Dangerous Summer

Bobby – Taking Back Sunday/Underoath

Kris – Third Eye Blind/The Ghost Inside

Nick – Transit/The Ghost Inside

Sam –Third Eye Blind/Life In Your Way

RW: Tell us a little bit about your band. When / where did you start, and what has changed from that point until now?

EH: Enigmatic Heart came together in the winter of 2005 in Clifton Park, NY. Clark and Kris had been playing music together for a couple years before, and then met Bobby and decided to play together. We threw Sam, Kris’s little brother, on drums which was really funny at the time because he was only 10. Clark originally played bass, then Nick joined in late 2008 and Clark moved to a free stander. One thing we love about our band is that we’re all literally each other’s best friends. We were all friends long before we were a band.

RW: How would you describe your band’s musical style? What bands would you fit on a tour with?

EH: The funny thing is that we’ve never really known how to categorize our genre; we all listen to so many different types of music and we think our songs really reflect that. We recently played a show in Poughkeepsie and this one guy said we were “Indie Hardcore,” and we all realized that’s probably the perfect way to describe our style. We’ve felt at home playing with bands like Enter Shikari and Life In Your Way, so we’d definitely stick to that kind of genre on tour.

RW: What are your goals as a band? How will you know when you’ve “made it”?

EH: The main goal of our band has always just been to make music we love, and have a ton of fun while doing it. Another one of our goals is to possibly get signed someday, although it’s not a top priority at the time. We’ve all been doing this for a while and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We’d also love to play one of the bigger festivals like Warped or Boozle; we’ve never had the opportunity to do either.

RW: What are some of the accomplishments you are most proud of as a band?

EH: We’re probably most proud of that fact that we were featured in Alternative Press magazine twice, the first in the AP&R section and then the second in the Hometown Heroes section where we were ranked #7 Best Unsigned Band in the US.

We’ve also got to play with a lot of the bands that inspired us to start playing music, like Underoath, Senses Fail, Chiodos, Enter Shikari, Thursday, Emmure, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon, It Dies Today, and so many more.

RW: Favorite show you have played? Bands that have helped you along the way?

EH: Our favorite ever was probably when we played with Enter Shikari in the summer of 2009 at a small venue in Albany called Valentines. We’ve all loved Enter Shikari forever and were so pumped that we could even see them, nevertheless play with them. Our local following was also strong and present, so we all had a great time. Underoath was definitely a band that helped us along the way, the day after our show with them Chris Dudley mentioned us in their blog and said some great things. There are so many bands that we’ve either grown up with or played a show with that have supported us along the way.  We would really have to say that the guys in It Dies Today provided us with a push in the right direction and a lot of positive feedback, just some really nice dudes overall.  We also don’t want to forget to mention Bring Me The Horizon for rocking our shirts after our show with them for their full U.S. tour.  We were getting comments on MySpace saying “I saw Oli Sykes wearing your shirt, I had to check you out!”

RW: Are you signed? If so what label are you on?

EH: Not signed, but we’ve self-released five EP’s to date.

RW: Talk about your current album. What can people expect to hear if they buy it?

EH: We recorded our new EP “Transitions” at RQR Studios in Pittsfield Mass, and had the mastering done by Alan Douches (Everytime I Die, Converge, ADTR) at West West Side Studios in White Plains NY.  Transitions is really a culmination of different struggles we were feeling amongst the band addressed in defiant rhythms, epic singing, and some downright angry slamdowns.  We all think that this EP shows the direction Enigmatic Heart has been heading its entire existence.  Five years, five EP’s, and five dudes who want to keep playing the music they love.  Before recording Transitions we all had been skeptical about each other’s enjoyment in the band and if anybody was as into it as they used to be.  One night we got together at practice and just brought the question out in the open.  Luckily everyone felt the same way and decided we need to push on and keep writing crunchy tunage.  This in turn sparked songs like “Continuance” and “Live for What You Want.”  Listeners can expect some indie rock sing-jams, chugging breakdowns, old hardcore, metal, and always some classic rock integration.  It’s the way Enigmatic Heart has always done it.  We can’t say that it is perfect, but we can definitely all agree were very happy with the EP.

RW: Are you touring now? If so, what are your plans?

EH: No tours scheduled as of now, most recent show was August 25th with The Damned Things, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster in our home town of Clifton Park.

RW: Tell us something you want fans to know about your band.


Sam- He’s still in high school, heading into his senior year.  When we started he was 10 and played with Chiodos when he was 11.

Clark- He goes to Penn State.  He got to scream on stage for Chiodos at age 14.

Kris- He plays Lax at Union College.  He got to scream during Sentiments of You for It Dies Today.  That Bastard…

Bobby- He goes to Siena College.

Nick- He goes to SUNY Binghamton

RW: Why should people check you out?

EH: There’s a lot of garbage synthesized hardcore going around right now, we’re just trying to keep it real!


You can check out Enigmatic heart on their FACEBOOK and MYSPACE. You can also hit up their ITUNES page and pick up any of their 5 EPs (highly recommended)!!

– Ben Packard

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