Exclusive Interview – Yellowcard

Rock-wire sat down with Sean Mackin of Yellowcard on their recent co headline tour with Good Charlotte to discuss everything from video games to touring habbits. Check it out below!

Rock-wire: You were just on tour with All Time Low…you guys completely stole the show! What is your goal with your live show? Why are live performances so important to you? 

Sean Mackin: I don’t know if we stole the show, but it was a pleasure touring with all time low. The goal for a Yellowcard show is to have fun. Everyone in attendance needs to leave with a smile on their face. Everything we do revs up to the yellowcard show. We understand people do A lot to get to our shows, and travel great distances, so it is important we put all our effort into the best yc show every time. 

RW: Tell us about the end of tour pranks from the All Time Low tour. 

SM: It is a ritual on the last day of tour to have a few laughs at the other bands expense. We put together a collection of inappropriate jokes/pranks to keep atl on their toes. You can experience the pranks on YouTube.com/yellowcard. It was awesome. 

RW: You will be headed to Europe this summer. What are you most looking forward to?

SM: It’s one of my favorite things about our band to travel. There are all these places I get to go to with yellowcard that I wouldn’t ever dream of going. It also doesn’t suck that we are playing festivals with a ton of people. 

RW: Tell us about your current tour with Good Charlotte. Are you excited to be touring with a great band like them?

SM: This yellowcard good Charlotte tour is amazing. They are great guys and I remember hearing their songs on tv, the radio, everywhere. This

run is too short and we look forward to playing again with them in the near future. 

RW: Tell us about your new album “When Your Through Thinking, Say Yes.”  How is it different from your previous work?

SM: Recording with Neal avron is always epic. The biggest difference For when you’re through thinking, say yes was we did it in half the time of the other recordings. And I think you can hear the energy and spontaneity in the record. 

RW: You are veterans in this industry. What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned in your years as a band? What is the best piece of advice you were given as a young band that has served you well?

SM: The most important thing I have learned in yellowcard is that everyones path is different. There is not one artist that my path will be the same as. Always learning, always pushing forward. A piece of advice that yellowcard always followed was work hard. If you work hard, you will always be rewarded.

RW: What 3 things do you have to have with you on tour?

SM:  Can’t live without Phone, toothbrush and headphones.

RW: Guilty pleasure song?

SM: Hello by Lionel Ritchie

RW: Any new bands that you are currently digging?

 SM: Adele.

RW: You have a violin in your band which adds a whole level of complexity to your music. You find very few rock violinists! What do you believe this instrument and its range adds to your music?

SM: The violin adds a little more emotion during the slow parts and a little more rip during the guitar leads.

RW: What are your tour plans looking like to wrap up 2011?

SM: Yellowcard is a touring machine in 2011. Were headed to South America, Europe, china, Jakarta, Australia, a proper us tour and a uk tour to wrap the year. I’m so pumped.


Fan Submitted Questions:

What do you think of Ever After‘s cover of “Only One” (www.facebook.com/EverAfterMusic)? – Tony W

SM: That was great! I love it when people cover yellowcard songs. You can really get lost down the rabbit hole on YouTube.

Back in the day, you had a song on EA Sports’ Madden game, would you attribute any success to being featured on that soundtrack?  – Keegan R

 SM: We love football and it was amazing to have a yellowcard song on madden. It let people that normally don’t hear our band, listen to us. One extra record sale is one extra sale.

What’s made it possible for you stay a band for this long? What is the drive that keeps you together? – Alli S

How do you stay so AWESOME??!! Especially live!! – Chelly P

 SM: Our love for music has kept us together. It also doesn’t hurt that yellowcard fans are the best. Thats all the drive we need.

Do you prefer a bus tour or a van tour and why? – Erik M

SM: Bus, so everyone stays healthy and we all get some sleep.

What is your favorite city to play in, and what is your favorite venue to play at? – Jen C

SM: I love playing in all cities in japan and my favorite venue is the electric factory.

RW: Thanks for your time Sean, good luck with the rest of 2011!

SM: Thanks for your time.

Ben Packard

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