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Carnival of Madness Rockstar Mayhem Fest, Warped Tour, Patrick Stump, Rock Allegiance Tour, Jason Aldean, Slightly Stoopid, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance, The Script & Hot Chelle Rae, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, 100 Monkeys,  STYX and YES, The Scream It Like You Mean It Tour, Skillet, Sugarland, Panic at the Disco and Foxy Shazam, All Time Low, Taylor Swift, Blessthefall, and MANY MANY MORE!

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Sevendust / Adelita’s Way / EyeEmpire / Seven Day Sonnet Show Review

Amos’ South End  Charlotte, NC
July 29, 2011

Sevendust has been back on the road on a headlining tour in support of their latest album, Cold Day Memory. Once again, the Atlanta, GA-based hard rockers do not disappoint!  With a strong supporting cast, Sevendust brought it for the last night of this particular tour! Incidentally, if you haven’t yet gotten yourself a copy of Cold Day Memory, what the hell are you waiting for? In my own humble opinion, I think this is one of the band’s best works so far!  So, how about we get on with the show review, huh? Read the rest of this entry

Panic At The Disco with FUN and Foxy Shazam

After all the drama of band members splitting and new music being written, Panic at the Disco is back on the road in support of their album Vices and Virtues. Bringing along opening acts Foxy Shazam and Fun, this tour had the entire music spectrum covered.

Read the rest of this entry

Exclusive Interview – Yellowcard

Rock-wire sat down with Sean Mackin of Yellowcard on their recent co headline tour with Good Charlotte to discuss everything from video games to touring habbits. Check it out below!

Rock-wire: You were just on tour with All Time Low…you guys completely stole the show! What is your goal with your live show? Why are live performances so important to you? 

Sean Mackin: I don’t know if we stole the show, but it was a pleasure touring with all time low. The goal for a Yellowcard show is to have fun. Everyone in attendance needs to leave with a smile on their face. Everything we do revs up to the yellowcard show. We understand people do A lot to get to our shows, and travel great distances, so it is important we put all our effort into the best yc show every time.  Read the rest of this entry

I Am Still Music Tour Featuring Lil Wayne


Check out our photo gallery from Lil Wayne’s I Am Still Music Tour

With Support from Rick Ross, Keri Hilson, Far East Movement, and Lloyd

Time Warner Cable Pavilion, Raleigh NC Read the rest of this entry

GREEN DAY Awesome As F**k CD Review

Awesome as Fuck CD/DVD
(Reprise Records (CD/DVD); Adeline Records (vinyl))

If you’ve ever seen GREEN DAY in a live setting, you’ll know this album is indeed AWESOME AS FUCK!  Seriously, this in one band that can absolutely bring it live! GREEN DAY doesn’t fuck around…from Billie Joe Armstrong’s absolute command of the crowd, the musical tightness of the band, the excellent quality sound they deliver, and the fact that almost every tune that comes from this band is kick-ass! I’m so freakin’ excited about this live album that I can’t even tell you in this small space what an incredible gift this is to GREEN DAY fans! There are 17 live tracks on Awesome as Fuck from shows in the States and Europe. They’ve given us an awesome set list with the obvious hits and a few obscure surprises! If you grab Awesome as Fuck on itunes, you get a couple bonus audio tracks. The CD/DVD set is available now! The album was released as a special edition vinyl release on April 26th. GREEN DAY fans get your asses out there and add this awesome live set to your collection!!!  Absolutely AWESOME AS FUCK!!!

Get Wired! with Enigmatic Heart

Enigmatic Heart from Clifton Park NY is one of the most talented unsigned bands I have ever heard. When I first heard their music back in 2008, I was blown away by the sound I was hearing from a band made up of teenagers younger than I was. The self described “Indie hardcore” band has a presence that you just can’t ignore; and while they may not have ever been on a real tour, signed a record deal, or anything like that, they have still managed to solidify their spot as the “next big thing” in the music scene. Read the rest of this entry

RIP The Brewery

The last month has been hard on Brewery owner Tom Taylor. What seemed like a bad dream for music lovers became a sad reality as we learned that one of Raleigh’s most treasured music venues was to be torn down to make room for yet another drug store and parking garage that already litter downtown Raleigh. While everyone heard their own version of how the story went, we here at Rock-Wire wanted to set the record straight. We recently had the chance to talk with long time Brewery owner Tom Taylor, who told us exactly how it all happened, shares some of his favorite memories, and also lets us know if The Brewery will ever re-open in the future: Read the rest of this entry

SKILLET: Interview with Front Man John Cooper

Ready for Some Sizzling Rock?

 With the enormous success of Skillet’s 2006 release, Comatose, John Cooper (lead vocals/bassist), Korey Cooper (keys/guitar/backing vocals), Ben Kasica (guitars), and Jen Ledger (drums/backing vocals) have found their voice in this industry, and have stayed with the brand of rock music that made them a success!  Swerving away from their original roots as a Christian rock band, Skillet has flourished as a mainstream active rock band!  Having toured for about a year now in support of their current release, Awake, Skillet has continued grow their fan base while firmly planting their music in the psyches of fans across the U.S. Take the lead single, “Monster”, for example. That song has found its way into the heads and ipods of pre-teen jocks, while also appealing to young grandmothers and everyone in between! What does it take to appeal to this wide range of fans? And what approach does the band take when creating their music? Well, we’re about to find out the answer to these questions from Skillet front man John Cooper. Read the rest of this entry