SICK PUPPIES Live at the House of Blues Cleveland CD Review

Sick Puppies
Live At the House of Blues Cleveland CD Review
(Virgin Records)

Having seen Sick Puppies in a live setting on many occasions, I was so psyched to find out they were releasing a live album! If you’ve ever seen the Puppies’ live show, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Full of energy, sonically exceptional, and wonderfully crowd-pleasing, guitarist/singer Shim Moore, bassist Emma Anzai, and drummer Mark Goodwin always give fans everything they want in a rock show! This trio is tight…on the mark with their music and absolutely on that stage for you, dear fan! This live album delivers blistering live performances of 8 of Sick Puppies’ most popular tunes! Again, if you’ve seen them live…you know how awesome that this album will be! If you haven’t, you should definitely experience the Puppies live! Why not do it now?! The track listing is below:

 1) Intro/ War (Live)
2) Cancer (Live)
3) Riptide (Live)
4) Odd One (Live)
5) Maybe (Live)
6) My World (Live)
7) All the Same (Live)
8) You’re Going Down (Live)

Live At the House of Blues Cleveland is available now exclusively at,, or head over to to get to the right place! Definitely an album that every Sick Puppies fan should own! Be sure to look for Sick Puppies on the road! Well worth the time and money to check them out in a live setting!

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