Taking Back Sunday / Thursday / Colour Revolt / The New Regime Show Review


 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC
July 14, 2011

Boy, fans were in for a great night of music at The Fillmore on this hot night in July! We were expected music from three great bands, but late in the game, a fourth band, The New Regime, was added to the bill! I had seen Thursday and Taking Back Sunday on several occasions before, but I was about to be introduced to two new bands! So, let’s get on to the show review!

The New Regime

First up was Ilan Rubin’s band, The New Regime. Most people will probably remember Ilan as drummer of Lostprophets (LOVE them!) and for a time, drummer of Nine Inch Nails. Ilan has taken a new turn and is now the lead singer/guitarist/pianist for The New Regime! The band is on the road in support of their new album, Speak Through the White Noise. This is the second release for The New Regime. As I mentioned, I wasn’t familiar with The New Regime before the show. As the quartet took the stage, I must say I was quite impressed with The New Regime! Ilan is quite an impressive front man, and accomplished guitarist and pianist! The band played about a 30 minute set mostly with tunes from their new album. Their music is very interesting…a combination of guitar rock mixed with a 70s vibe. They reminded me quite a bit of Queens of the Stone Age. Very fresh…very good…very compelling! They’re very no nonsense…no pretention…no show…only music! So, I’d say that I really dug my first introduction to The New Regime! A great addition to this bill!

Colour Revolt

This Oxford, Mississippi band is on the road in support of their sophomore album, The Cradle. I wasn’t familiar with Colour Revolt prior to the show either, so seeing them was also a new experience! The band’s two original members Jessie Coppenbarger (vocals/guitar) and Sean Kirkpatrick (guitar/vocals) have undergone quite a personnel change since their debut album. They have survived, and feel that they have delivered “the most personal and cohesive material to date.” The boys hit the stage for about a 30 minute set of straight out playing. No frills, no need for discussion, just them and their music! The music had many influences that jumped out at me…old school like Bowie and Jethro Tull  to current bands like Carolina Liar and OneRepublic. They had quite a range of tunes…from similarities to jam bands to very punk-infused tunes! Colour Revolt can certainly surprise you!  I’ve got to say, this band was a cool band to see in a live setting!


Thursday is out in support of their sixth release, No Devolucion. I had recently seen Thursday headlining the Journeys Backyard Barbeque in Concord, NC…and honestly, they were just all right. Not sure what the deal was there, because Thursday freakin’ BROUGHT IT tonight! The guys hit the stage and didn’t look back! Holy shit! These guys came to play! They played a long set…had absolutely incredible sound and energy! This set was everything you want in an opening act! They had the crowd worked up into a frenzy before Taking Back Sunday hit the stage! In fact, the lone crowdsurfer of the night sailed across the crowd during Thursday’s set! After seeing and hearing this set…I’ve completely forgotten the last time I saw them! This show will stick in the minds of The Fillmore crowd for some time to come!

Taking Back Sunday

TBS was up in their headlining slot, and after the warm up the crowd got with Thursday, TBS hit the stage to a wild-ass fanfare! The crowd was here to see this band, and they were completely ready for their beloved TBS! Hitting the stage with “El Paso” and then “MakeDamnSure”, TBS was in true form! The sound was great! The band was definitely feeding off the crowd! Singer Adam Lazzara was full of vigor and sounded incredible! The band was on too! Incredible sound and cohesion! TBS was out in support of their newly released self-titled album!  This new album was made by the same TBS lineup as their hugely popular 2002 debut Tell All Your Friends!  So don’t you think it’s worth your attention? I’d definitely say so!!! Back to the show…TBS delivered a very versatile and complete set, the guys played about 20 tunes, with a good mix from all of their albums! They gave us 4 from the new album including the opening tune “El Paso.” Some of the other tunes were “You Know How I Do”, “A Decade Under the Influence”, “Ghost Man on Third”, “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)” , “Your Own Disaster” and “There’s No ‘I’ in Team”. Also, they threw in a Straylight Run cover tune…won’t reveal it, in case you get a chance to see their show anytime soon…but great stuff! Incidentally, Charlotte, NC is Adam’s hometown now, so his peeps were out in force at this show! We had the opportunity to meet his mother-in-law…what a fun lady! TBS is always a great live show! Always very entertaining, very into their music, involving the crowd and giving you your money’s worth…just all around a fun, raucous show! If you have a chance, be sure to check out TBS when they’re back in the States!  Right now, they’re in Europe, but will soon return home! Check out their website at www.takingbacksunday.com to find out their upcoming tour dates. A great night of music here in Charlotte, NC!

 Also, be sure to pick up a copy of their new self-title album. What a killer new album!!!! And if you head to www.amazon.com right now…TBS’s new single “Faith (When I Let You Down)” is available FREE!

Check out Ben’s great photos of this show in the Photos section!


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