Get Wired! with Arms Length Away

Arms Length Away is an up and coming band based out of Apex NC. Pulling from musical influences like Blink 182 and The Starting Line, their infectious pop-punk sound immediately grabs your attention and refuses to let go. I dare you to try and get “Call Me Superstitious” out of your head, ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE! I have heard hundreds of thousands of new bands trying to push their music at everyone possible, but almost never does a band like Arms Length Away show up, with music that is too good to believe. With plans to record their sophomore EP in Baltimore with Paul Leavitt who has produced such mega bands as Senses Fail, you can expect big things to come from ALA.  If I were to bet on a single band that will reach All Time Low status in the next five years, I would without a doubt have to say ALA! Check out our band interview below, and be sure to download a TOTALLY FREE copy of their “Just My Luck” EP here, you would be absolutely stupid not to!

1)      First off, who are you, what band are you in, and what do you do in the band?

My name is Huy and I play drums for Arms Length Away.

2)      Introduce us to the members of the band and tell us what they do in the band.

Connor does vocals, Andrew plays bass, Ben and Adam Young both play guitar for Arms Length Away

3)      In what city is your band based?

We are based in Apex, NC

4)      Tell us each member’s favorite band.

My favorite band is August Burns Red, Connor’s is The Wonder Years, Andrew’s is the Taking Back Sunday, Adam’s is Yellowcard and Ben’s is Saves the Day.

5)      Tell us a little bit about your band. When / where did you start, and what has changed from that point until now?

We started up about two years ago, but we have been seriously playing for about a year now. Connor, Andrew and I have been in the band since the beginning, but the guitarists kept changing.

6)      How would you describe your band’s musical style? What bands would you fit on a tour with?

We are Pop-Punk. We would fit in with New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and etc.

7)      What are your goals as a band? How will you know when you’ve “made it”?

Our goal is to get our name out there, play as many shows as we can and meet as many people as we can out there. And I don’t think a band really knows when they have “made it.”

8)      What are some of the accomplishments you are most proud of as a band?

We are proud about our love for Christ and that he has put us all together to play music even though we don’t worship him with our music, but we use our gifts that we have gave to each to play for our Audiences and fans

9)      Favorite show you have played? Bands that have helped you along the way?

Our favorite show was at our church that we organized with a band named “On My Honor” from Nashville, Tennessee who some really great guys that we have connections and another band named “Reddet” and “Mathew McGinn”

10)  Are you signed? If so what label are you on? How did your signing come about?

We are not sign and we are not on any labels yet.

11)  Talk about your current album. What can people expect to hear if they buy it?

We don’t have an album, but we have an EP out called “Just My Luck” and its out for FREE on our Facebook and Purevolume! They can expect hear our songs for FREE!

12)  What are your plans to make an EP or album? How can fans get your music?

Our plans for another EP are next spring and fans should be able to get in on our Facebook, Purevolume, Itunes and etc.

13)  Are you touring now? If so, what are your plans?

We are not touring now, but we most likely will be next summer along the east!

14)  Tell us something you want fans to know about your band.

We love playing our instruments and making music for you guys and we love Jesus Christ. Come out to a show and talk to all of us!

15)  Why should people check you out?

They should check us out because we want to see what they think about our music and our Pop-Punk.

Check out Arms Length Away on all of these sites, and be sure to download a free copy of their current EP!


Ben Packard

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