SIXX A.M. This Is Gonna Hurt CD Review


This is Gonna Hurt CD
(Eleven Seven Music)

Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba, and James Michael are back together to bring SIXX A.M.’s second installment, This is Gonna Hurt. After such a stellar product as SIXX A.M.’s debut album, The Heroin Diaries, you can’t help but wonder how the band will follow up. Well, kiddies, I’m happy to say that This Is Gonna Hurt is everything that SIXX A.M. fans loved about The Herion Diaries, only more… What the hell’s she talking about, you say? Well…all the elements that made this band a success are still completely intact…the tightness of the band, the guitar-driven heaviness of the tunes that is almost counter-acted by James Michael’s angelic voice, and the incredible songwriting skills of all three of these men. But this album is not The Heroin Diaries regurgitated, but rather a continuation of this band’s vision, with heavier guitars, more intense lyrics and an even sharper musical edge than the previous album. The songs still have a bit of a theatrical feel and range from the hard-rockin’ title track “This is Gonna Hurt” to the beautiful, touching, heart-warming “Smile” to the country tinged “Sure Feels Right” to the melodic anthemic “Lies of the Beautiful People.” This Is Gonna Hurt has it all! The first single “Lies of the Beautiful People” was co-written by SIXX A.M. and JOHN 5…an awesome first track from a stellar album. This Is Gonna Hurt is perched atop the charts and is available everywhere. Check out the album and see another side to these rockers that you think you know…you’ll find out quite a bit you didn’t. An awesome album!

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