Hear Me Now CD
(Glassnote Records)

Secondhand Serenade’s junior album, Hear Me Now is out now! Those of you familiar with SS will know that the band is the brainchild of John Vesely. With tunes full of life and love stories, sometimes heartwarming…sometimes heart-wrenching lyrics, beautiful melodies, and John’s smooth vocals, Secondhand Serenade is nothing close to just another emo band! There is so much more to SS…elements of electronica, rock, punk and pop unite to form an extraordinary album!

For me, the most impressive aspect of Secondhand Serenade is John’s songwriting ability.  SS always manages to awaken emotions from deep within my soul! The opening tune, “Distance,” is one of my favorites…a beautifully crafted, heart-squeezing song. I love these lyrics…”I hate myself when I’m away from you.” I can soooo relate to that! The first single, “Something More,” is a touching and beautiful tune with an amazing depth in its meaning. Not a bad tune here! John Vesely continues to prove that he’s for real! Be sure to listen to more than just the music…an awesome aural and emotional experience! A truly great album!

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