CROSSFADE We All Bleed CD Review

We All Bleed CD
(Eleven Seven Music)

Five years since their last album, Columbia, SC-based CROSSFADE is set to release their third album, We All Bleed. I was a little surprised when I spun the album the first time, having been a CROSSFADE fan since their self-titled debut album in 2004. The opening track, “Dead Memories”, absolutely rocked my face off and blew my mind! Then, the second track, “Killing Me Inside”, takes a swerve to an absolutely beautiful, haunting ballad. HOLY SHIT! CROSSFADE comes out of the gate strong from the opening track and stays absolutely ON IT through the entire album! It’s obvious that CROSSFADE gets better with age…and this album is the proof! There are surprises around every corner…heaviness tinged with tenderness, polish coupled with rawness, in-your-face rock complemented by beautiful ballads, pain coupled with hope…so many perfectly orchestrated contradictions.  CROSSFADE has come out to prove a point, and that point is that Columbia Records loss is Eleven Seven Music’s gain! An absolutely stellar piece of work by CROSSFADE…every rock fan should check out We All Bleed! Far and away, the best CROSSFADE album to date! The boys have hit it out of the park with this album…go get it…NOW!

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