SEETHER Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray CD Review


Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray
(Wind-Up Records)

SEETHER is back with a killer new album! SEETHER fans can sit up and beg for mercy over this one! The trademark SEETHER sound we love is still in perfect form…heavy, edgy, a little angsty, a tad dark. But Shaun, Dale and John throw us a little curve ball! A bit of country influence has crept its way into the fold this time around! Perhaps SEETHER wants to pay homage to Nashville where the album was produced? In any case, the first single, “Country Song”, certainly has a big country influence. You can hear a slight country vibe in many of the other tunes, as well. Now don’t let this discourage your interest in the album…no, no, no…it completely works, and gives a bit of fresh new flair to an already established sound! I dig it! Shaun Morgan’s distinctive voice is still in its full glory…strong, confident, but with a bit more polish to it! Less screaming…more of Shaun’s true voice…and baby, it works! Eleven incredibly cohesive tunes form, in my opinion, some of SEETHER’s best work to date! Stand out tunes include “Here and Now” (my personal fave), “Tonight”, “Roses” and “No Resolution.” A great new album by this trio! Album is highly recommended!

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