ATOM SMASH Love Is In the Missile CD Review



Love Is In the Missile
Jive Records)

Fans of Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback, and Hinder listen up! Atom Smash is the band next up to demand your attention! Raw energy, powerful melodies, nasty grooves and devil-may-care attitude rolled all into a nice little quivering Atom Smash ball! Front man Sergio Sanchez, drummer Mark “Taco” Annino, bassist Arnold Nese, guitarist Alex “Z” Zilinski and guitarist Luke Rice are certainly rockers to the core! This band is tight…there’s no denying they’ve got it going on musically! All 11 tunes are exceptional…heavily guitar-driven, full of powerful grooves, vigorous rhythms and impeccably delivered vocals. Choosing a favorite tune on this album is next to impossible…but of the balls-out rock tunes, I’ve got to go with “Mile High Love” (KILLER guitars), “Rocker Girl” (RAUNCHY rawk) and “Kill Me” (AWESOME groove)!  Each of these tunes kick-ass on a slightly higher level than the others on the album for me! There are some seriously impressive rock tunes on this album, but man, their 3 ballads are something else! “Erase Those Days”…this tune could friggin’ take over radio right now! “Bianca”…an incredibly touching tune…seriously amazing! “Shooting Star”…another seemingly made-for-radio tune that should easily explode into a giant hit! This one is my favorite on the album!  The album’s first single, “Do Her Wrong,” is a great tune too…but, lyrically, it sort of pisses me off!  Ladies, you’ll totally get why! In any case, show the band some love and hit up your local radio station and tell them to play “Do Her Wrong”…it is a great tune! Atom Smash has made themselves a nice little place as part of  the resurgence of bands going back to rock n’ roll roots! The guys have all it takes to do very well! The guys are headed out on tour this fall with Cavo, so be sure to watch for a date near you!  Tour dates available at

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