AMERICAN HI-FI Fight the Frequency CD Review


Fight the Frequency
(Hi-Fi Killers / The Ascot Club)

American Hi-Fi is back with their 4th release, Fight the Frequency…and their 1st release on their own label, Hi-Fi Killers/The Ascot Club.  Coming off their successful junior album, Hearts on Parade, which featured the theme song of the hit TV show, Beauty and the Geek, entitled “The Geek Gets the Girl,” American Hi-Fi gives us a bit of a swerve with Fight the Frequency. The guys have shed some of the catchy pop-punk and rock roots that have made them famous, in lieu of a more mature, more serious, more eclectic collection of tunes. Vocalist/guitarist Stacy Jones, bassist Drew Parsons, guitarist Jamie Arentzen and drummer Brian Nolan have created 12 tunes ranging from the beautiful, heartfelt ballad “Where Love is a Lie” to the pop-infused “Acetate” to the rock, guitar-laden “Fight the Frequency” to the heavy, metal-esque “Frat Clump.” Fans of AHF will see a bit of a different side to the boys on Fight the Frequency. New fans will surely develop an appreciation for the breadth of talent that this band possesses! As a longtime fan of AHF, I’m pleasantly surprised with the direction the band has taken on this album. Now don’t get me wrong, I can totally rock my ass off to “Flavor of the Weak”, “Hellyeah”, “Nothing Left to Lose” and “The Breakup Song” with the best of them…and uhhh, don’t EVEN try to not play these tunes when I see you live! But, with the release of this album, AHF continues to grow as a band and show their range of talent! No label pressure…just the music they want to make! Fight the Frequency was also produced by Stacy Jones in his LA studio…which makes this album ALL theirs! I can totally dig it! The first single, “Lost”, is a killer melodic mid-tempo tune that will absolutely grab your heart and squeeze the shit out of it! Uhhh yeah, this one got to me! “Lost” hit radio back in May…and should do very well!  Be sure to call your station and request it! Fight the Frequency is due out on August 17th.  Be sure to grab yourself a copy!

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