CROWDED HOUSE Intriguer CD Review



Fantasy Records)

Oh yeahhhhh, baby! Neil Finn and Crowded House are back…thank goodness! OK, so for all of you who need a refresher, yeah, this IS the band that sang “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and “Something So Strong” and yeah, that’s the dude who sang for Split Enz back in the 80s.  This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Crowded House has continued to make music since their debut in 1986. In fact, Intriguer is their 7th studio album (not counting 2 compilation albums). But just because the rest of the world didn’t catch on to singer/songwriter/guitarist Neil Finn’s genius, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Because, damn, it surely does! Intriguer brings Finn and original Crowded House bassist Nick Seymour back together with keyboardist/guitarist Mark Hart (with the band since 1989) and drummer Mark Sherrod (with the band since 2007).  Intriguer is quite a diamond in the rough in today’s music industry! It is a 10 song trek across a musical landscape filled with perfect layers of soaring guitars, complementary rhythms, swelling melodies and untouchable harmonies! You are lifted up and peacefully floated along this landscape on a wave of beauty, harmony and serenity. Yeah, that sounds sort of corny…but no, it’s really not.  This is an album to be absorbed…taken in…and just felt. There is really no way to describe this album and do it justice…so buy it and feel it! Stand out tunes include the first single, “Saturday Sun”, “Amber’s Arrows”, “Twice If You’re Lucky” (just…WOW!) and “Inside Out.”  What an incredible piece of work by this New Zealand quartet! Do yourself a favor, and grab a copy of Intriguer! Well worth the price of admission! Crowded House is on the road in North America right now! If you’re lucky enough to be near a stop…be sure to check them out…and tell me all about it! Head over to for tour dates!

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