CINDER ROAD Damage Control CD Review


Damage Control
Indie Release)

Maryland-based CINDER ROAD is one of those up-and-coming new bands who have everything that it takes to make it in this industry! Pure rock tunes that lay you on your ass, great songwriting, amazing musicianship, tireless work ethic, and a kick-ass live show! CINDER ROAD is back with their sophomore album, Damage Control. Coming off of their major label debut, Superhuman, CINDER ROAD isn’t letting anything stop them from making music their way! The band has matured, as will happen with 2+ years on the road.  But also coming with time away from home, is the coming and going of band members. CR has some new faces, but haven’t lost a single step in the process! Original members, front man Mike Ruocco, guitarists Chris Shucosky and Pat Patrick, are joined by drummer Jordan Young. Damage Control smoothly picks up where Superhuman left off…straight up rock tunes with vigor and fire, ballads to make you weep like a little bitch, and relentless hooks that won’t let go! I’ve been a huge fan since day one!  I will continue to sing their praises because they continue to produce amazingly relevant music that sets them apart from the norm!  Mike Ruocco has mad skills as a songwriter…his passion and fervor comes through with each and every tune. The first single is still being determined, but you can bet that any tune from this album will do well on active rock radio! Damage Control delivers 13 very special tunes, any one with hit potential.  Favorite tunes include “It Hurts”, “The Worst Way”, “More”, “I Don’t Wanna”, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, and “Without You.” This band absolutely deserves everything that music fans and the music industry has to offer them! Show them some love and pick up this album! Keep a lookout for their plans at Fans of rock music NEED this album! (If you don’t have Superhuman, be sure to grab it too!) Great, great rock album!

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