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New Photos: Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday

With Thursday, The Color Revolt, and New Regime

The Fillmore, Charlotte NC


Ben Packard

Get Wired! with Arms Length Away

Arms Length Away is an up and coming band based out of Apex NC. Pulling from musical influences like Blink 182 and The Starting Line, their infectious pop-punk sound immediately grabs your attention and refuses to let go. I dare you to try and get “Call Me Superstitious” out of your head, ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE! I have heard hundreds of thousands of new bands trying to push their music at everyone possible, but almost never does a band like Arms Length Away show up, with music that is too good to believe. With plans to record their sophomore EP in Baltimore with Paul Leavitt who has produced such mega bands as Senses Fail, you can expect big things to come from ALA.  If I were to bet on a single band that will reach All Time Low status in the next five years, I would without a doubt have to say ALA! Check out our band interview below, and be sure to download a TOTALLY FREE copy of their “Just My Luck” EP here, you would be absolutely stupid not to! Read the rest of this entry

CROSSFADE We All Bleed CD Review

We All Bleed CD
(Eleven Seven Music)

Five years since their last album, Columbia, SC-based CROSSFADE is set to release their third album, We All Bleed. I was a little surprised when I spun the album the first time, having been a CROSSFADE fan since their self-titled debut album in 2004. The opening track, “Dead Memories”, absolutely rocked my face off and blew my mind! Then, the second track, “Killing Me Inside”, takes a swerve to an absolutely beautiful, haunting ballad. HOLY SHIT! CROSSFADE comes out of the gate strong from the opening track and stays absolutely ON IT through the entire album! It’s obvious that CROSSFADE gets better with age…and this album is the proof! There are surprises around every corner…heaviness tinged with tenderness, polish coupled with rawness, in-your-face rock complemented by beautiful ballads, pain coupled with hope…so many perfectly orchestrated contradictions.  CROSSFADE has come out to prove a point, and that point is that Columbia Records loss is Eleven Seven Music’s gain! An absolutely stellar piece of work by CROSSFADE…every rock fan should check out We All Bleed! Far and away, the best CROSSFADE album to date! The boys have hit it out of the park with this album…go get it…NOW!

SEETHER Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray CD Review


Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray
(Wind-Up Records)

SEETHER is back with a killer new album! SEETHER fans can sit up and beg for mercy over this one! The trademark SEETHER sound we love is still in perfect form…heavy, edgy, a little angsty, a tad dark. But Shaun, Dale and John throw us a little curve ball! A bit of country influence has crept its way into the fold this time around! Perhaps SEETHER wants to pay homage to Nashville where the album was produced? In any case, the first single, “Country Song”, certainly has a big country influence. You can hear a slight country vibe in many of the other tunes, as well. Read the rest of this entry

SIXX A.M. This Is Gonna Hurt CD Review


This is Gonna Hurt CD
(Eleven Seven Music)

Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba, and James Michael are back together to bring SIXX A.M.’s second installment, This is Gonna Hurt. After such a stellar product as SIXX A.M.’s debut album, The Heroin Diaries, you can’t help but wonder how the band will follow up. Well, kiddies, I’m happy to say that This Is Gonna Hurt is everything that SIXX A.M. fans loved about The Herion Diaries, only more… What the hell’s she talking about, you say? Well…all the elements that made this band a success are still completely intact…the tightness of the band, the guitar-driven heaviness of the tunes that is almost counter-acted by James Michael’s angelic voice, and the incredible songwriting skills of all three of these men. But this album is not The Heroin Diaries regurgitated, but rather a continuation of this band’s vision, with heavier guitars, more intense lyrics and an even sharper musical edge than the previous album. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with STORY OF THE YEAR

Story of the Year
Interview with Guitarist Ryan Phillips

Story of the Year’s guitarist, Ryan Phillips, took some time out to talk to us about the band’s new album,  The Constant. Check out what Ryan has to say about SOTY!!!

Jen:  Can you give us a little bit of background on Story of the Year and how you guys got to where you are today?
Ryan:  Long story short, me, Dan our singer, Josh our drummer, we all went to middle school together, high school together, we used to skateboard together, super good friends way before the band started.  In high school, we started jamming together and shortly after that we connected with the other two, with Adam and Phil, and in 2002 we moved to California for a year and just kind of worked our asses off!  Everything about the band is just go, go, go, go and we wound up editing an internet little mini-documentary and Maverick Records wound up getting it and we kinda went from there…  We’ve been touring with new records non-stop since 2002. Read the rest of this entry


The Orange Peel ;  Asheville, NC 
September 22, 2010

In support of their just-released 7th album, Invented, alternative pop-punksters, Jimmy Eat World, are back on the road! Blazing the trail for many alt-rock and pop-punk bands in existence today, Jimmy Eat World are the pioneers of this genre!  After 6 albums and 16 years of making music, Jimmy Eat World shows no signs of packing it in! Making music is what it’s all about, and that’s exactly what Jim Adkins (vocals/ guitar), Rick Burch (bass/ backing vocals), Zach Lind (drums/percussion), and Tom Linton (guitar/ vocals) are still doing! Read the rest of this entry

Interview with Howard Jones

Things Can Only Get Better…and They Have! 

Anyone who lived in the 80s, knows Howard Jones’ music. You may not realize it…but you do! Remember “No One is To Blame” or “Things Can Only Get Better” or “Life In One Day”? Well, that’s Howard Jones! I guarantee you that if you check out the Howard Jones section at your local CD store, you’ll recognize his tunes. A wonderfully poignant songwriter, HoJo has never been given the credit that he deserves in the industry. Perhaps he was bigger than the era or perhaps he was ahead of his time, but his music will live on as an important part of the 80s.  Howard Jones is an artist in the truest sense of the word…a sensitive, emotive, soft-spoken man who is appreciative of his fans and of his success so far.  HoJo’s new album, Ordinary Heroes, is his most heartfelt, emotional album to date. Full of life experiences, heart-wrenching situations, and positivity in the face of adversity, Ordinary Heroes is an album that should not be missed! On the heels of the release of Ordinary Heroes, I had the opportunity to talk with Howard about his new album. Meet Howard Jones! Read the rest of this entry

ATOM SMASH Interview

Atom Smash
Interview with Singer Sergio Sanchez

Jen:  Introduce us to the members and tell us something funny about each one.
Sergio:  My name is Sergio, I’m the singer, they call me Serge.  Let’s see, I am known to be extremely forgetful.  I am really horrible at GPS. I’m pretty much a spacey guy, in general.  My brain is always writing music and always working, and never really wants to stop…so yeah, that’s pretty much something funny about me. Arnoldis our bassist, he is very easy going.  Something really funny about him…he was skateboarding down a hill while sort of intox…well not sort of, extremely intoxicated and he was skateboarding down a hill with a bowl of macaroni and cheese in his hand.  He shattered and destroyed his knee really bad…so that’s funny and sorta weird.  Our guitarist Z, he is fromAustria, something really funny about him is that he loves bread.  He loves bread!  Panera is the only thing in America that he likes, food-wise.  He hates food in America, he likes just good old German food every day.  Read the rest of this entry

VALENCIA Dancing with a Ghost CD Review

Dancing with a Ghost CD
(I Surrender Records)

If pop-punk and fresh melodic rock with a tinge of edginess sounds good to you, look no further than Philly-based Valencia! Having been personally called at 3am back in 2003 and signed by I Surrender Records founder, Rob Hitt (Midtown), Valencia is back home with their junior album. Their debut album, This Could Be a Possibility, put them on the map as a standout in the pop-punk/emo genre, which in turn got them picked up by Columbia Records for their second album, We All Need a Reason to Believe. The guys are back with their third album, Dancing with a Ghost. Ten stellar new tunes, full of the hooks, catchiness, and pep that we’ve grown to love about Valencia but with the added maturity that comes with years in the industry. There is no doubt that this band continues to grow with each and every album they produce…everything to love…nothing to hate! If you loved the music Valencia has made previously, there’s NO WAY you can miss out on Dancing with a Ghost! A superb third effort by Valencia!