Rockwire Exclusive Interview: Stephen Jerzak

Fresh off his first major label album release, and on the road to this years Warped Tour, Stephen Jerzak took the time to let us know whats going on in his life. Find out why his album took so long to release, and find out about what its like on tour.

RockWire: You just released your first major label album, “Miles and Miles”… How does it feel to finally get it out to the public? How has the response been so far?

Stephen Jerzak: I’m so excited to finally have it out!  The response so far has been great! 

RW: What can fans expect from your new album? How is it similar to your older music? How is it different?

SJ: Fans can expect the same fun sounding acoustic music mixed with today’s modern pop beats and synth sounds!  The hybrid between the acoustic and pop really came out great in my opinion and there is nothing else like it!

RW: It’s been a long time since you have released new music. What was the hold up? Was it issues with your new label, or did you just need to perfect the songs?

SJ: The album was finished last summer, and soon after I was on the road non-stop.  The label did hold it back a few months, but that gave us time to re-analyze the track listing and make sure the songs we picked were all awesome!

RW: What are you most looking forward to about warped tour this year?

SJ: I’m looking forward to meeting the new fans and bands!

RW: Many bands take buses out on Warped Tour, how do you plan to survive living in a van? Haha

 SJ: The van gets the job done!  It won’t be so bad lol.

RW: You have toured with big names like Allstar Weekend and Mike Posner. What has it been like getting to play with them night after night?

SJ: The Mike Posner tour was the best time of my life.  That was the first time I ever got to play House of Blues, and that’s always been a dream of mine.  I learned a lot just from watching him and his band every night.  Playing with Allstar Weekend also opened me up to a completely new fan base and was a great time too! 

RW: From the looks of your YouTube videos, you and your band have a lot of fun on tour. What would you say is the most exciting thing you’ve done while on the road? Also, what would you say had been the worst experience on the road?

SJ: This year was our 2nd year at SXSW and it was SO much fun!  Being there for the weekend is pure craziness!  The worst thing would have to be totaling my new van after hitting a deer back in ’09.

RW: Do you prefer playing to large crowds in large venues, or small crowds in tiny venues, and why?

SJ: They both have their own vibe, but there’s something about huge crowds that gives me a rush.

RW: If you could tour with any band, dead or alive, who would it be?

SJ: Taylor Swift! 

RW: What bands are you into right now? What’s the most played song on your IPod?

SJ: Right now I’m really into the new Bad Meets Evil album.  Also I’ve been jamming the new Katy Perry album!

RW: What are your plans looking like to finish out 2011?

SJ: After Warped we are trying to booking a fall tour and then I’ll be back to writing!


Be sure to catch Stephen on this years Vans Warped Tour, and pick up his new album “Miles and Miles” available now!

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