Warped Tour 2010

Vans Warped Tour 2010

A Day in the Life

I started off my day off by following one of the unspoken rules of Warped Tour, “see at least 2 bands that you have never heard of.” My first band of the day was Ice Nine Kills on the Kevin Says stage. I had heard the name before, but never the music. Easily one of the most energetic shows of the day, at 11am for that matter!! Lead singer Spencer Charnas spent more time on top of and in the crowd than onstage. The nonstop energy and catchy songs make them a must see at any show.

Next I tried to check out Attack Attack on the Altec Lansing stage, but a number of factors stopped that from happening. Although there was a MASSIVE crowd gathered to see their set, Attack Attack apparently did not want any additional attention. According to security, the band denied any photographers access to the photo pit. I found this unusual for a band that seemed so fan friendly. From the one and a half songs I was able to catch, Attack Attack still put on a great, high energy show that the massive crowd loves!

After my failed attempt at Attack Attack, I headed over to the Glamour Kills and AP Stages to catch some bands I had seen in the past, Artist Vs Poet, The Cab, and Anarbor. Again… security prevented anyone with a press pass from accessing the photo pit. I’m not sure what the deal was that day, but it kept me from covering some amazing bands! Tired of failed attempts at catching bands, I headed over to check out one of the biggest buzz makers on the tour, Andrew WK. In short, his set was wild. Insane energy, almost naked dancers, and lots of stripping. Not my type of music, but he definitely puts on a great show!

I headed over with a friend to see a band that I had never listened to before, Pierce the Veil. WOW!! I’m not sure why I haven’t heard any of their music before, but I definitely found a new favorite band! Their catchy melodic vocals and screams mixed with amazing guitar solos and a wild live show make them a deadly combination in the music industry. None of the band members stood still, they were constantly moving the entire time. Lead singer Vic Fuentes even jumped into the crowd to sing during one of my new favorite songs, “The Boy Who Could Fly.” Not only did they put on a great live show, but they also sound almost exactly how they do on their CD while playing live, which not many bands can pull off. Also, when you open your set with a crew member dressed as a skeleton mariachi talking about drinking tequila for 10,000 years… you can’t go wrong!

The next band on my list was a small band that I have seen a few times before and continue to be impressed by, Kelsey and the Chaos. This up and coming band, a female fronted pop rock group from New York has a great stage presence, great sound, and most of all, they clearly have fun making music. For the rather small (30ish people) crowd they had at the Kevin Says stage, they put on a show worthy of the main stage! Lead singer Kelsey was all over the place! On the ground, in the crowd, on the drum riser. The feisty ball of energy kept the crowd moving and singing along the whole time, and put on a show very paramore-esque in relation to her stage presence and emotional energy. And then there was Tyler, their guitar player. Besides all the funny gay jokes, he was a very impressive guitarist to watch. He was overflowing with energy, bouncing all around and interacting with the other band members. He also loved playing to the photographers, which always makes for some interesting shots! If I had to pick one band to watch that are going to be big by this time next year, it would have to be Kelsey and the Chaos! I definitely recommend you check them out if they come through your town.

After Kelsey and the Chaos, I had a nice break in my schedule, which in the 110 degree heat, you definitely needed. I was invited to a secret backstage acoustic performance by A Rocket to the Moon. Nick and Justin have been popping up at different stops along Warped Tour and playing these secret shows In support of their album On Your Side. After walking backstage with the crowd of teenage girls selected to see the show, the group was seated around a tree and waited for the boys to show up. Squeals erupted from the crowd of about 30 as Nick and Justin appeared from behind them. Quietly introducing themselves, nick stated that they were going to play some songs for them, then immediately launching into “She’s Killing Me.” The show was very music centered, the band didn’t speak much in between songs, they focused more on the music. I witnessed plenty of members of other warped bands stop and watch the very intimate set. This included a very excited Jess from the Summer Set, who happily jumped and sat right in the middle of the crowd and shared a box of cheezits with the fans. Only at Warped Tour! Haha

After the acoustic set, I managed to catch a few songs from the Summer Set while waiting for another band to start. I had seen them once before on this past springs AP Tour, and I was glad I got to see them again. Always catchy with a high energy show, I will definitely see them again on their next tour. A good Taylor Swift cover is always something fun to watch, and having a female drummer who is better than most of the big boys out there doesn’t hurt either!

Up next for me was the highlight of my day, Breathe Carolina! I love these guys like my brothers. I have seen them evolve over the past 2 years into a band that will be a driving force in the music industry for years to come. From the second the techno beats start playing through the speakers, fans are off their feet; jumping, screaming, singing along, and just having a great time. Breathe’s catchy beats, along with great lyrics and nonstop stage show makes for one of the most impressive live bands you will ever see! The thing that attracts so many people to the band (besides their amazing electronic pop music) is the genuine appreciation the boys have for their fans. David and Kyle spend more time during their set telling the crowd how much they love them and thanking them for coming. This isn’t the regular thank you’s that all bands give to their crowd, this is heartfelt and genuine, and everyone can tell. Major highlights of their set included Kyle singing their super hit “The Birds and the Bees” while walking on top of the crowd; Front man David playing electric guitar (usually not done in their live set); Kyle literally ‘crowd surfing’ at the end of their set, on top of a rockstar energy drink surfboard; and finally, the massive amount of hugs he gave as soon as he jumped off. If you have never seen these boys live, especially on a club tour, you NEED to do it. I promise it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

As soon as Breathe ended, I sprinted over to the Glamour Kills stage to catch Alesana’s hometown show. Absolutely off the wall nuts as usual. The energy and emotion these guys put into their live show is incredible. They blasted though a loaded set list of current songs from their current CD “The Emptiness”, while still throwing in some old favorites such as ‘Ambrosia’ and ‘Apology.’ I highly recommend you see these guys next time they come though your town. I can never say enough good things about them. Makes me proud to live in their hometown of Raleigh NC!

The next band on my list was Mayday Parade. Let me tell you, if you are planning on seeing them at Warped Tour, get to the stage AT LEAST one hour early! Putting such a popular band on one of the smallest stages was definitely not a good move on Warped Tour’s part. I saw this same situation happen with Forever the Sickest Kids. Even with a photo pass, I wasn’t able to get anywhere near the stage! The crowd was so massive people were climbing trees and still couldn’t see. Props to Mayday for being able to draw such a large crowd! It’s just unfortunate that most of the crowd (including myself) couldn’t even see the band.

After fighting the crowd for long enough at the Ernie Ball stage, I went to see a band that I have wanted to see since I was in middle school, Sum 41. I stood onstage watching the Sum boys warm up before their set, and from the amount of energy I could see before they even got onstage, I knew it was going to be a great show! They started their set off with a bang playing their hit “Hell Song” and continued the trip down memory lane throwing in such songs as “In Too Deep” and “Fat Lip.” They only played one of their ‘new’ songs, as well as a Metallica cover and an amazing cover of The Rolling Stones “Paint It Black.” Needless to say, it was a great set, definitely worth the 6 year wait to see them live!

While waiting to catch Hey Monday, I stopped to watch Eyes Set to Kill for a minute. Very impressive from what I saw. 2 screamers, one a girl, Different combo for sure. I would like to see their full set sometime. I decided to cut backstage from Ernie Ball to the Altec stage to avoid the end of day merch crowd, and in doing so I bumped into All Time Low’s Rian Dawson. I’m not going to fuel any of the rumors floating around the internet, but he was there for Hey Monday’s set. In fact, he sat behind the amp stack almost drum teching for the band. Rumors aside, it was nice seeing a familiar face there, I can’t be more proud of the All Time Low boys, and it’s great to see that they still hang out around the festival that helped them get to the level they are today. Ok, now back to Hey Monday. I’ve seen this band more times than I can count, and let me just say, it was a big relief that they played new songs and covers during their set. I’m not saying their old songs aren’t good, I’m just saying that after 8 shows of the same material, it’s nice to have some variety. They mixed some of their old material with their new songs “Wish You Were Here” and “I Don’t Wanna Dance”, as well as a cover song that kind of left me confused. The set was great as always, Cassadee always has a great stage presence, and the rest of the band are always fun to watch, you never know what they are going to do next!

The final band I planned on seeing was every 13 year old girls dream… NeverShoutNever. Unfortunately, due to an illness, Christofer was unable to play his set that day, leading to some very disappointed young fans. Cutting my day early, I headed out around 8:30. I stopped before I left the venue to check out what almost everyone else was, Bring Me the Horizon closing out the day on the main stage. Although I only saw 2 songs, I know why they are so popular. Their set is insane! The band never stops moving. Olli’s vocals are amazing. I’m definitely disappointed I didn’t get to see more of their set, but I will definitely check them out again soon! After that, I was done for the day! Another great year at Warped! Can’t wait till next year!

Ben Packard

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