The Fresh Meat Tour with Jeffree Star


Jeffree Star’s fresh meat tour is making its way around the country with a lineup that will please any music fan. Along with It Boys and DEV, Jeffree puts on a show you will not forget. It Boys were up first, a new band out of Hollywood. By far one of the most impressive sets of the night. Their electro pop sounds had the whole crowd jumping. The concept of sharing lead vocals between 4 group members makes their music much more interesting to listen to. While the set was short, they played a solid 30 minute set of spot on pop music. With catchy songs like “End of the World” and “Guys don’t like me”, anyone who happens to listen will be hooked immediately. I still can’t get their songs out of my head! Jeffree even joined It Boys onstage to sing “Guys don’t like me”, which brought an amazing end to their set. I highly recommend any music fan check out It Boys online and pick up their CD on tour. It’s a purchase you won’t regret. It boys will be the next big thing, take my word for it! Pop/Hip Hop star DEV was up next, putting on a high energy sticky messy show to remember. She played hits such as “Like a G6” along with new songs like “Bass down Low” (hitting iTunes on soon). If you were in the pit for Dev’s set, you most likely left wet and sticky. Song after song, DEV launched confetti cannons into the crowd, and cooled everyone off with a champagne shower. Dev is a different kind of musician than what most people are used to; a female hip hop artist who mixes pop influences make her stand out and makes the crowd take notice. Definitely check DEV out if she comes to a town near you. Up next was the moment everyone had been waiting for, Jeffree Star! Taking the stage in a rush of glamour, Jeffree put on a great set, proving why Akon recently called her the “Next Lady Gaga.” While the set was shorter than most headliners have, Jeffree made sure you got your money’s worth. He played fan favorites such as “Lollipop Luxury” and “Fame Riches and Rehab Bitches”, and the crowd loved every minute. Jeffree’s legs were never safe, there was at least 2 hands on them the entire set, and in true Jeffree fashion, he encouraged fans too grab on. They’re rumored to be the smoothest legs you’ve ever felt, haha. After the set, Jeffree took the time to meet every fan and take a picture with them. This is something rarely seen by bands at his level; it was very refreshing to see a musician that cares enough to thank everyone who supports him. The Fresh Meat tour continues through most of December, so there is no excuse not to go check it out when it hits your town. Get ready for a wild night!


Ben Packard

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