Streets Of Gold Tour with 3OH!3

Streets of Gold Tour Brings the Party

The streets of gold tour is currently racing across the US headlined by electro-rockers 3OH!3, with support by HelloGoodbye, Down with Webster, and a rotating variety of special opening acts. I had the chance to catch the tour in Charlotte NC, and it was a PARTY!

Special guests The Secret Handshake kicked off the show with their feel good songs off the new album “Night and Day.” Lead by vocalist Luis Dubuc, his band of guys (and a new female member) sang, danced, clapped, and snapped along all in matching TSH cardigans. His set brought you back to the time of Motown and Soul, when music told a story and made you feel good, bandstands and all. They played songs like “Domino” and “Black Girl” which were constantly called out by the crowd in between songs. Speaking of the crowd, this was by far the most active crowd I have ever seen for an opening act. Almost the entire crowd had heard of TSH before, and they sang along and danced the entire set. Dubuc’s stage presence was high energy the whole time. His hands never stopped clapping or snapping. His vocals were dead on, he sounded just as good live as he does on CD. I highly recommend you pick up his new album, and check him out on his current “Luis and the handshakes” headline tour with A Cursive Memory.

Next up was Canadian rap rock group Down with Webster. The seven member party army puts on one of the most intense sets I have ever seen. Just a warning, it is almost impossible to fully describe a DWW show unless you have actually been to one in person. From the first beat to the last scream, the guys are moving nonstop. The atmosphere is a never ending party. With alternating vocals and enough hype men to get a small country moving, DWW puts on a show you will never forget! Songs like “Time to Win” and “Your Man” will have you jumping, while songs like “Back Of My Hand” surprise you with the deep level of emotion. Bucky Seja’s raps are absolutely amazing, and Pat Gillett’s guitar shredding is insane, especially for the amount of jumping around he does. His vocals are incredible; clearly reminding me of John Mayer (his looks might help that comparison as well). You definitely need to pick up their CD “Time To Win, Vol 1,” and you would be crazy not to catch them live the next time they come thought your town. You can expect BIG things to come for Down with Webster.

HelloGoodbye took the stage next, and I was surprised by just how many younger fans actually knew who they were. While their music was different than the other acts, they put on an equally great show. I’m always impressed by a band that uses classic guitars and single small amps. No need for 12 foot tall amp walls or 20 guitar changes, they let the music speak for itself. Their style was laid back and relaxed, yet high energy the entire time. They played a pretty even mix of old and new material, including an amazing performance of their smash hit “Here in Your Arms” as a finale. While I was never a big HelloGoodbye fan before this show, I was definitely converted! Go pick up their new record “Would It Kill You” when it hits stores on November 9th.

The mile high boys took to the stage with a crowd chanting their name and screaming for them. Nat and Sean ran out onstage and the crowd went insane, 3OH!3 gang signs filled the room. The boys played a nonstop set jumping and dancing the whole time. The set was a solid hour and a half of bumping beats and impeccable lyrics. It was a treat to see Nat play guitar on a good amount of the songs. Usually you don’t get to see that. The fearless duo was backed up by their ever growing band, who were decked out (shirtless) in creepy masks and leather jackets. They played all of their current hits like “My First Kiss” and “Double Vision,” as well as a good amount of their old hits like “Punkbitch” and “Don’t Trust Me.” The whole crowd left the venue sweating and smiling, you know they had a great time! If the Streets of Gold tour is coming through your town, definitely go check it out!

Ben Packard

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