Plain White Ts Wonders of the Younger Tour 2nd Leg

The Plain White Ts are back on the road continuing their second leg of the “Wonders of the Younger Tour.” While they switched out opening act Miggs for Andy Grammar this time around, Parachute still remained as direct support. As expected, the Ts put on one hell of a show! With their album cover inspired carnival tent background onstage, the show transported you to another time completely. The Ts took to the stage and launched into “Irrational Anthem,” and from there on out, they played hit after hit after hit. Fan favorites such as “1234” and “Rhythm of Love” were mixed in with lesser known songs such as “Last Breath” and “Welcome to Mystery.” Tom Higgenson and Tim Lopez switched off vocals flawlessly, showing off their incredible vocal range. I have said it before, and I will say it again; it is almost impossible for bands to sound as good live as they do on CD, but the Plain White Ts prove that they can sound just as good, if not better live. Playing their hearts out for over an hour didn’t seem to tire the Ts, as they never took a break, and really didn’t stall that long in between songs. The only break of the night came when Higgenson traveled out to the middle of the crowd and played a very intimate acoustic version of mega hit “Hey There Delilah” on top of a road case for some very surprised and awe struck fans. The bands outstanding showmanship on top of their amazing musical skill makes for one of the better live shows you will ever see. Hinting at a very busy rest of 2011 touring wise, the Plain White Ts are not ready to slow down at all. In fact, they seem to be just getting started!

Ben Packard

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