Jeff Dunham’s Identity Crisis Tour 2010

Dunham’s Identity Crisis Leaves Fans Rolling on the Floor:

Jeff Dunham’s Identity Crisis tour is currently making its way across the US and beyond. Still fresh off his Sparks of Insanity tour, Dunham brought a mix of old and new material to the stage, as well as a mix of old and new characters. Starting off the show was his longtime partner in comedy crime, Bryan Haner, better known as Guitar Guy. His short set to get the crowd warmed up is always my favorite part of the live show. Guitar Guy throws in an assortment of hilarious standup and no so politically correct songs such as “Fist Fight at the Waffle House” and “Arizona.” While some might get offended by his highly political based jokes, the average person in the crowd will fall out of their seat laughing (as I witnessed many do). His CD “Cougar Bait” and his new CD “Fistfight at the Waffle House” are definitely worth picking up for any comedy fan.

After a short intermission, Jeff Dunham took the stage to the roar of the crowd. After his introduction video finished, he wasted no time getting the show rolling, jumping right into his standup monologue. He cracked jokes about his recent divorce, his teenage daughters starting to date, and a very awkward and sticky situation at a Miley Cyrus concert. While getting to watch the little guys in the suitcase is fun, one of my favorite parts of Dunham’s act is his standup. Speaking of the little guys, first up for the night was Walter, America’s favorite grumpy old man. The set covered his nonexistent love life with his wife, as well as plenty of making fun of Jeff for his recent divorce. After Walter’s set was Achmed the dead terrorist. One of my personal favorites! The routine went from talking about why Achmed “did not” cause the oil spill in the Gulf, to his no legged dog, and his own lack of ligaments. Dunham’s ability to incorporate such recent news events into his act, and the way he does it so seamlessly, impressed me a lot. Dunham closed out Achmed’s set with an assault of that’s what she said jokes, which had everyone almost in tears from laughing so hard. After a quick plug of his upcoming book called “All by My Selves: Walter, Peanut, Achmed, and Me,” Jeff brought out the fan favorite by far, Peanut. The off the wall woozle was just as hyper and obnoxious as ever. How Dunham can continue to voice and interact with these characters so well is beyond me. Peanut’s set was rude and racist, and the crowd loved every minute of it! After a brief visit from Jose, the jalapeno on a stick, Dunham ended the set rather abruptly, only to return to the stage for an encore. With guitar guy providing the music while Dunham “went to get something”, he reemerged with his newest little friend, Diane. For those of you who saw the summer movie “Dinner for Schmucks,” you will notice Diane as the alcoholic sexed up girlfriend to Dunham’s character “Lewis.” While the bit was relatively short, about five minutes, Diane and Dunham’s conversation was more graphic than some of the parents with kids in the audience would have preferred. It was hilarious! They covered everything from her dead ex husbands (all five of them), to her drinking at 7am, her plastic surgery, and her much younger boyfriends. I loved seeing the teenage kids in the audience laughing at every dirty joke while their parents sat back in their seats and cringed! America needs more comics like Dunham, people need to loosen up and let their kids have some fun. Ending the night of laughter in true rock star fashion, Dunham brought out his giant t-shirt cannon and fired t-shirts and stuffed Peanut dolls into the crowd, accompanied by guitar guy’s shredding solo. From the reaction on the crowd’s faces and the fact that they were still laughing and smiling as they walked out of the arena, you can tell that Dunham is right where he needs to be. He gets onstage, makes people forget about life for a few hours, and just laugh. I don’t think there is any greater reward for a comedian.

Ben Packard

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